Manjaro Linux upgraded PHP to version 8 and I learned that XML-RPC was removed from core. Also a good reason to update 1 of my WordPress plugins

To be honest, I’m scared of this. This threatens to be another blackbox that developers can do all kinds of inaccessible stuff with, much like Flash or SilverLight. That „sample app“ alone is largely inaccessible despite enabling „Accessibility Mode“. #a11y
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Flutter Is About To Win Over the Web by Lew C in @BttrProgramming

"Why Generation X will save the web" by Heather Burns

This is something that gnaws away at me. Gen Xers and older Millennials (like myself) are nostalgic for the old, untamed, pre-centralized internet. The younger generation has no memory of this. What are *they* fighting for? (Hint: it's not necessarily the same thing. Gen Z probably doesn't care much about the hazy memories of us "boomers," and by "boomers" I mean anyone over 30.)

In case you are wondering. You can message me with @delta or Signal.

I need help from someone who hosts a instance: I need some help to make the plugin compatible.

Hi everyone!

I think I'm going to spend more time here this year. Some things I released lately:

1. A video on progressive enhancement:
2. A punk/blues/rockabilly/sludge record:

JSON requires client side rendering. HTML fragments can be injected directly. Apparently, this is new to lots of developers.

Currently going down the rabbit hole of German standards for electronic bills :-S

I did web development before CSS existed. So, yes: you don't have to use it, if you don't want to.

Maybe, I have just failed getting into the US elections 😜

The Internet Archive have added a WebAssembly-based Flash emulator to their emulation suite, and are preserving 2000s-vintage Flash games, playable in a modern HTML5-capable browser:

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