Discovered that switching off "Show animations in Windows" sets "prefers-reduced-motion: reduce" in Firefox.

We're proud to be a sponsor of #YouGotThisConf – a conference for Junior Devs on the importance of self care, morality & ethics, managing money, understanding anxiety and more, coming up in London on 19 January. More info and schedule here:

Used GDPR to get rid of Google's reCAPTCHA on a site. Using a honeypot instead. More user friendly and accessible.

A UX Guide For Designing Error Pages.
- who caused the issue
- what happened & why
- when will it be solved
- how can user solve it
Then tie if to brand identity and try to delight users

Just a few years ago, colleges would not even look at Drupal due to its a11y issues. Now its messaging is on-point.

Visiting accessibility day at DB Systel in Frankfurt

Interesting option if you are looking for a Linux laptop

After wondering why WP-CLI wasn't working, I discovered that the commands are now split into separate packages

For React developers that struggle with accessibility there is now Tenon-UI

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