Used GDPR to get rid of Google's reCAPTCHA on a site. Using a honeypot instead. More user friendly and accessible.

A UX Guide For Designing Error Pages.
- who caused the issue
- what happened & why
- when will it be solved
- how can user solve it
Then tie if to brand identity and try to delight users

Just a few years ago, colleges would not even look at Drupal due to its a11y issues. Now its messaging is on-point.

Visiting accessibility day at DB Systel in Frankfurt

Interesting option if you are looking for a Linux laptop

After wondering why WP-CLI wasn't working, I discovered that the commands are now split into separate packages

For React developers that struggle with accessibility there is now Tenon-UI

Was macht man, wenn man mit dem neuen WordPress-Editor #gutenberg noch "nicht so richtig warm wird"?
WordPress Theme-Entwicklerin @jessicalyschik hat sich das auch gefragt und entstanden ist eine bebilderte Anleitung vom feinsten, die dich unter Schritt für Schritt durch das Wunderland der Blöcke führt.

Absolut lesenswert!
Danke, Jessica.

"Create your own dysfunctional single-page app in five easy steps" by Jim Newbery

There really aren't enough people questioning the use of single-page apps.

Listening to talks about open media, standardisation, and audiovisual preservation at "No Time To Wait 3" conference in the British Film Institute

Oh dear, green screens don't work well for me.

On my way to WordCamp Cologne I walked past the Nightwash comedy club/launderette

If you intend to upgrade PHP, go for PHP 7.2. Support for PHP 7.0 ends before the end of the year. That's earlier then for PHP 5.6.

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