Today and yesterday seeing people use cloud-init to configure servers. I should take a closer look

htmx looks interesting. Small, seems easy to use, with powerful features

I'm giving this music video streaming site a go. If you are in a band, have ever been in a band, have some kind of music project, or make music as a hobby and have videos you make to go along with your music please upload them here:

Feel free to share with any music friends of yours that have music videos they may want to add to the rotation.

Chromium 91 based browser seem to scale window toolbars incorrectly on Manjaro Linux/KDE with 4k screens and display scaling set to 200%. They are to big. Chromium 90 scales correctly 🤔

Discovered that I was loading the full-size image for thumbnails in a WordPress theme. Forgot to set the correct size.

I'm exploring the idea of a 24/7 stream featuring music videos, concerts or home performances from independent musicians. People could upload their videos and get added to rotation.

If you're interested in this kind of thing and want to take part in any way, please let me know! Idea is still young, but music lovers who would want to maybe moderate uploads, or help reach out to communities to gain access to some content would be cool.

Plus, if you have music content yourself, let me know!

Seems like Day 1 of Siemens' Open Source conference, that was powered by Owncast, went really well! It's so cool to see such large organizations using Owncast like this.

In my current project Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. So I don't need to learn any of those "fancy" JS frameworks 😋

Porting an existing PHP application from PHP 5 to PHP 8 on Windows has "interesting" side effects.

The OSS bubble that is and the blogging bubble that was – Baldur Bjarnason

“The biggest problem—and this isn’t limited to web development—is how it has baked exploitation into the core worldview of so many people.”

Me, on the OSS bubble in web dev

It would be nice if people would read warnings during development instead of just deactivating them 🙄

Improving accessibility of a WordPress theme by adding JavaScript.

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