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Walter Ebert

Expected that the "Progressive WordPress Themes" talk was about PWA, but was basically all about AMP

Listing to doing a Drupal talk at a WordPress event

Tried to delete a Slack account, but only deactivation is available. That tells enough about what kind of company it is.

Nice touch on the site to credit the packages they are using

Because sometimes you really do not want HTTPS. Like trying to connect to some silly wifi network.

Heading home after . Great to see shifting focus from tech to people. And meeting WordPress Core Committer

I signed up for "No Time To Wait", the digital audiovisual preservation conference. Loved the previous edition.

I really like the idea of, but I'm definitely not the only one at

Bought an early-bird ticket to the; conference in Amsterdam before they're gone

If you're on Malta and into WordPress, visit the local meetup. I'll talk about performance.

So far the recycled food was good and I'm not experiencing any side effects!

Discovered that the img sizes attribute uses the first value that matches and apparently doesn't evaluate all values

Setting width/height in CSS, not just in the image, makes a big difference in Google Pagespeed