It's one of those days. Firefox broke on Arch after an upgrade. And FreeOTP on Android showed me a white screen of death.

Installed Firefox from Luckily, I use my old phone as a fallback that also has FreeOTP installed.

Maintaining fallbacks is a hassle, but occasionally pays off.

Geplante „Chatkontrolle“ der Kommission aus Sicht des Datenschutzes – ein Thread nach erster Prüfung: Der Entwurf der Kommission ist nicht vereinbar mit unseren europäischen Werten und kollidiert mit geltendem Datenschutzrecht.

Slingcode is a coding environment in a single HTML file. You can even use it without a server.

My Bandcamp collection, in case you're looking for ideas to expand yours,

Kooha is a screen recorder for Linux, written in Rust. Looks like a good alternative to OBS, if you want something simple.

It is Bandcamp Friday so today you should buy all the music.
Recent favs:

Death garage
Istanbul Psychedelic
Garage rock
Gabonese folk pop
Moroccan rage punk
Dutch dance

Found the problem! Usernames are treated as case-sensitive when checking rel="me" URls.

Have raised it as a minor bug at

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I just created a filter for “RT @“ and my feed is already 100% better.

Unfortunately, large organisations are still far from the "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" path, because of "security". Most applications are now webbased or have a web version. Including development with tools like Code-Server ( or Theia (

OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring #Tumblr up to full #indieweb standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity... #openweb

guys, when explaining the #fediverse to new people, just go with the simplest analogy, e-mail. worry about the specifics later. no i don't care if it's not completely accurate, you can make it more "correct" after the fact. you just need to put very basic understanding into new people's heads, you don't need to go

"oh well activitypub is a yoingus sploingus babingyi"

no just say something like

"say you were on outlook, and i was on gmail. we could still send each other emails right? imagine that, but with tweets instead of emails"

i've used this explanation dozens of times, and people always get it.

On Linux I had glitches with my Blackmagic Decklink card, that didn't occur on Windows. Turns out it's a AMD Threadripper problem.

"Routing: I’m not smart enough for a SPA" by Taylor Hunt

The title undersells it a bit. This is a good overview of all the problems with SPAs. I was waiting for someone to cover all the bases in a single post (scroll restoration, focus management, Ctrl/Cmd-click, memory leaks), and this one does.

I still think SPAs are the right solution for some use cases, but it's important to know the drawbacks.

Hi! is being slow right now, as far as I can tell because there's twice as many people using it at the same time as ever have; I'm working on making it go fast again, but in the meantime, do remember to invite people to instead of directly to People don't have to be on the same server to follow you! Thanks!

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