Nice, just noticed that Carolina is now a WordPress core contributor at Yoast

OK, if I install a new Linux kernel, I also have to rebuild the Decklink drivers ☑️

HTML frameset: I haven't seen that in like 20 years 🤔

Using SVN in my current client project. Which I actually used recently for a popular open source project. Some will probably know, which project I mean 😉

I received an email from my webhoster that they now support PHP 8. Discovered that I already activated it weeks ago 😜

I just realized I never actually tooted about Waasabi or its progress here, so here we go:

Waasabi is a self-hosted/open source framework for building your own live streams, primarily for events (but that can be many things!).

I designed it to host, and it grew out of that. I have a long writeup about the motivations & current progress at - check it out if you will and let me know what you think!

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Passwörter sind einfach gut? Nur mit sicherer Zwei-Faktor-Authentifikation!

Das BSI hat ein FIDO U2F-Token implementiert, welches jetzt von der FIDO-Allianz als erstes auf der höchsten Sicherheitsstufe L3+ zertifiziert wurde. Ursprünglich wollten wir so die Prüfvorgaben erproben, nun geben wir Code und Zertifizierungsunterlagen als Open Source frei. Wir freuen uns auf die gemeinsame Weiterentwicklung und darauf aufbauende sichere Produkte. #BSI

16 years in Developer Advocacy has taught me a lesson that most tech companies still refuse to learn.

Seems Hotwire Turbo is getting traction in the PHP world. The UX of single page apps without needing to write JS.

I compiled PHP from source to avoid using Docker.

The OWASP Top Ten has changed considerably, since the last time I checked. Never heard of XML External Entities (XXE) before.

Blackmagic Decklink cards are apparently not available as a web cam source. But they are supported by OBS and you can make them available with Virtual Camera.

Got OBS Studio working with "Browser Source" and "Virtual Camera" under Manjaro Linux (Arch based). Had to install the latest Git version for "Browser Source" and v4l2 loopback for "Virtual Cam".

yay -S obs-studio-git

sudo pacman -S v4l2loopback-dkms linux511-headers

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