Was macht man, wenn man mit dem neuen WordPress-Editor #gutenberg noch "nicht so richtig warm wird"?
WordPress Theme-Entwicklerin @jessicalyschik hat sich das auch gefragt und entstanden ist eine bebilderte Anleitung vom feinsten, die dich unter gutenberg-fibel.de Schritt für Schritt durch das Wunderland der Blöcke führt.

Absolut lesenswert!
Danke, Jessica.

"Create your own dysfunctional single-page app in five easy steps" by Jim Newbery tinnedfruit.com/articles/creat

There really aren't enough people questioning the use of single-page apps.

Listening to talks about open media, standardisation, and audiovisual preservation at "No Time To Wait 3" conference in the British Film Institute

On my way to WordCamp Cologne I walked past the Nightwash comedy club/launderette

If you intend to upgrade PHP, go for PHP 7.2. Support for PHP 7.0 ends before the end of the year. That's earlier then for PHP 5.6. secure.php.net/supported-versi

Kadence Blocks is nice WordPress plugin to extend Gutenberg. And you can disable blocks that you don't want. wordpress.org/plugins/kadence-

Did a small WordPress project with Gutenberg this week. It certainly has improved the last couple of months. But a release in November seems a bit optimistic.

I just wanted to charge my phone, but had to decide which of the 9 free electrical sockets I should use in my hotel room 😳

Is there a list with the most sold themes or most popular market places for WordPress?

I guess I should make time to watch the video recordings of the JavaScript for WordPress talks javascriptforwp.com/conference

Syncthing-GTK doesn't seem to be reliable. Currently, just using the web GUI.

Months of planning come to a head. @fronteers is considering applying for @w3c membership and appointing @rachelandrew as our paid representative - if members agree.


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