53% of autoplaying videos have an audio track. Autoplay only works if videos are muted, so a lot of bandwidth is waisted. dougsillars.com/2019/09/16/sta

Yesterday I blogged about how I’m starting to post the links I previously posted on @indie / the Ind.ie site to my own site (and on here.)

Also I wrote a couple of reasons why… including how often my work is attributed to @aral


If a full-stack developer does not know CSS, is the job title correct?

We have now a PeerTube account, maintained by @bjoern. For now we will concentrate on conference videos. conf.tube/accounts/nextcloud/ #PeerTube #Nextcloud

I'd like to write a thread about some of the performance tricks in #Pinafore, just for those who might be interested.

Websites that use reCAPTCHA will lose any respect

Just used federation between 2 Nextcloud instances. Nice feature to easily share files.

Bitbucket is removing Mercurial support. Guess I have to decide which repositories I should migrate or delete.

It was a busy end of the week, I didn't have time for the weekly links this week, but you can check the slides from my talk at CSSCamp Barcelona on perceived performance


I have developed websites for over 20 years. I am still surprised people do not know that providing usability is a far bigger challenge than writing clean code. Basic accessibility is still an issue.

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