@alvin yep, definitely. And the Bitwarden extension is also faster than the LastPass extension.

Did a session at DrupalCamp Munich about the WordPress community. Including that Automattic + wordpress.com != wordpress.org.

Good that I did a search before implementing it myself. Because PHP has a function for (almost) everything. This time "count_chars". secure.php.net/manual/en/funct

Discovered that string type hints don't work in PHP5.4. Enterprise development e.a. 😞

Sometimes an autoplaying video can be useful if it explains a product sumup.ie/

I see many amazing women in our industry, super good at HTML, CSS and Accessibility. Yet they don't find a nice and well paid job because they don't know fancy JS frameworks. JS became a big gate keeper. Yet we NEED people good at HTML/CSS. We just don't want to pay them.

I have opinions about React and its associated stack (generally not positive), but this is an interesting read: blog.tenon.io/tenon-s-new-webs

I'm on the road and giving talks a lot right now, so I made a video with some tips on how to film your own presentations at meetups! 🎥 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD7qmpu96I8&list=PLRyLn6THA5wNL1jYaabM105ta5Fepx5sa&index=2 (I also had some fun filming this in the Chicago snow last month!) ❄️

If you want interesting news articles about the Fediverse, you ought to follow the WeDistribute blog:


It's written by alternative social media veteran @sean

WeDistribute runs on a combination of Wordpress and the Pterotype plugin (which adds Fediverse compatibility to Wordpress sites).

#Fediverse #Blogs #Pterotype

Edge does not support SVG in CSS mask-image 😞

The Gutenberg static site generator was renamed to Zola. I wonder why 😉 getzola.org/

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