If you intend to upgrade PHP, go for PHP 7.2. Support for PHP 7.0 ends before the end of the year. That's earlier then for PHP 5.6. secure.php.net/supported-versi

Kadence Blocks is nice WordPress plugin to extend Gutenberg. And you can disable blocks that you don't want. wordpress.org/plugins/kadence-

Did a small WordPress project with Gutenberg this week. It certainly has improved the last couple of months. But a release in November seems a bit optimistic.

I just wanted to charge my phone, but had to decide which of the 9 free electrical sockets I should use in my hotel room 😳

Is there a list with the most sold themes or most popular market places for WordPress?

I guess I should make time to watch the video recordings of the JavaScript for WordPress talks javascriptforwp.com/conference

Syncthing-GTK doesn't seem to be reliable. Currently, just using the web GUI.

Months of planning come to a head. @fronteers is considering applying for @w3c membership and appointing @rachelandrew as our paid representative - if members agree.


@praetorim Ja, dann können wir mal über Datenschutz reden. Vielleicht gibt es sogar jemand mit einer Session zum Thema 😉

@praetorim Ich arbeite gerade an einer Datenschutzlösung wo das relevant sein sollte

Voor mijn wandeling naar Berlijn volgend jaar ben ik nog op zoek naar drie slaapplaatsen in Nederland. In de buurt van Reeuwijk, Utrecht (west) en Stroe/Garderen.

Hier staat mijn voorlopige route: walktowc.eu/route/

Listening to Lennart Jörgens talking about CSS variables at CSS Frankfurt

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