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Weiss jemand ob es Videoaufnahmen geben wird vom WordPress-Track bei der Froscon?

Learning about this CSS-In-JS thing at the CSS Frankfurt meetup with

Most people I know are not on Twitter. Even most (corporate) IT people I know don't use Twitter. So the question, if Mastodon will replace Twitter, isn't that relevant to me.

Pinned tabs in Firefox are nice. Makes it easy to make the distinction between apps and sites.

The Wired web site feels very fast, even if the load time is almost 29 seconds. Perceived performance matters.

Not sure why people are looking for a Mastodon client. I use the web site. It's a PWA that you can add to your home screen.

Slim makes is easy to get started with modern PHP standards. Which I haven't really used so far. Because reasons...

mastodon clients (toot, tootdon, amaroq) are all so much weaker than the web ui. none of them let you disable boosts, not even from specific people. whyyyy

I guess I should look into self-hosting a Mastodon instance. Would be the way.

Downgrading Thunderbird because add-ons aren't compatible yet

The frankfurt/rhein-main frontend user group is all about accessibility today

Never realised that the HSL colour format can easily be used programmatically by rotating hue

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