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Wondering what the consequences of "Do Not Track" are for GDPR. Because it seems to be ignored by most sites.

Just what I wanted. The Inclusive Components book by @heydon is now also available in .mobi format for Kindle.

I agree that you should not use PHP5 for new projects. But requesting PHP 7.0 is not better, because support for this ends earlier then 5.6

Writing a GDPR plugin for WordPress, because it needs to run on PHP 5.4.

Der Ticketverkauf fürs WordCamp Köln (20./21.10.) hat begonnen:
Nicht lange warten!

For a site I started playing with Gutenberg (not the WordPress one). Built with Rust.

Weiss jemand ob es Videoaufnahmen geben wird vom WordPress-Track bei der Froscon?

Please don't demand content warnings from strangers. Content warnings are a sort of social contract between an author and their followers; if you are not happy with how someone chooses to use them, do not follow that person or outright mute them, or mute words.

One of the most alienating experiences on Mastodon I've observed is when someone posts about something they're passionate about or is part of their identity and the first response is "please cw that" from a complete stranger.


Learning about this CSS-In-JS thing at the CSS Frankfurt meetup with

Most people I know are not on Twitter. Even most (corporate) IT people I know don't use Twitter. So the question, if Mastodon will replace Twitter, isn't that relevant to me.

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