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Well, at least I was warned that I'm being tracked while walking in Amsterdam

Cool to see companies open sourcing their accessibility work for Magento

My colleague @jensimmons created a video about the #accessibility #inspector in the #Firefox #Developer #Tools #FirefoxDevTools. She narrates it so well that, even though it is primarily geared towards sighted web developers using a mouse, as a blind person I could follow it without problems. #WebDev

Read A note by John Carson on , , Gutenberg and the TwentyTwenty theme by John Carson (Face-down in Mud)
Being a screen reader user, I find it very disturbing that more attention has not been given to accessibility . Just a thought; it would have been much easier a...

53% of autoplaying videos have an audio track. Autoplay only works if videos are muted, so a lot of bandwidth is waisted.

Yesterday I blogged about how I’m starting to post the links I previously posted on @indie / the site to my own site (and on here.)

Also I wrote a couple of reasons why… including how often my work is attributed to @aral

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