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Made a web analytics report at a client. Top 3 browsers:
1) Edge (18)
2) Firefox
3) Safari

"API Platform" looks interesting for developing webservices with PHP

Today I released a new WordPress plugin, just in time for my local WP meetup tommorrow

Discovered that `header_remove` is a native PHP function and not part of WordPress 🙃

You know the JS ecosystem is getting way too complicated when we need a package manager for our package managers

The header navigation of my site is history. I should probably write a blog post about it.

Tried Restic and it was really easy to create backups (and restore them). Can recommend:

Delta Chat provides chat over email. I was waiting for something like this.

TIL The Swiss have 2 language tags for German:
- gsw-CH
- de-CH

"Both are real languages, and distinguishing between them could be important to an application."

Koko Analytics plugin update in 3, 2, 1.... 🚀

Version 1.0.6 was just pushed to

Some minor improvements, like the plugin now remembering your last viewed period so it re-opens when you re-visit your analytics dashboard. 📈

Download it here:


Replaced moment.format with Intl.DateTimeFormat to get rid of Moment.js. Saving 248 kB in bundle size. Using web standards FTW!

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