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New blog post: "Building an accessible emoji picker"

In which I describe how I implemented #accessibility for emoji-picker-element. Happy to hear feedback on how I can improve as well! 😁

Well, I did it. I went off and wrote my own emoji picker.

I never really wanted to get this deep into emoji, but I started this project two months ago and… somehow, here I am.

Hier & Jetzt Open Web 5: Was bedeutet die Annäherung von WordPress an Matrix?

Matthias Pfefferle und Marcel Weiß sprechen über die Annäherung der Wordpress-Macher Automattic an Matrix und was das künftig bedeuten kann, und was es zumindest heute nicht bedeutet.

Upgraded a build script from Webpack 2 to 4. Somehow my understanding of Webpack hasn't increased. Just learned that some things worked differently.

Microsoft Teams and Skype are not (fully) supported in Firefox. So Microsoft has once again arrived at only supporting 1 browser engine.

Got a message that my WordCamp Europe ticket will be refunded 🤔. I suppose I will donate the refund to some WordPress related project. Suggestions welcome 😉.

Hi all! This is a call to action for those who would like to help with their accessibility skills, or learn them while working on a not too complex web front-end. The quite popular Jitsi Meet web frontend has some accessibility issues which are preventing people with disabilities like me to participate in many meetings. These issues are low-hanging fruit. So if you would like to to do something good that really helps a lot of people and has big impact, here‘s the issue:

Any tips are welcome on where to buy music online to support artists

I was surprised that NYTimes still manages to detect Chrome Incognito mode (I thought Chrome had fixed that bug), so I dug in. How do they do it? It's actually pretty clever:

- Firefox: indexedDB throws an error in private browsing
- Safari: localStorage is disabled
- Edge/IE: indexedDB is null
- Chrome: estimate the available storage quota, if it's lower than ~125MB, then it's Incognito

Die Bundesregierung startet die öffentliche Konsultation zur neuen Datenstrategie. Ich freue mich dass ich bereits in der Expertenanhörung Impulse geben konnte. Zum Beispiel dass die Software Open Source sein sollte. Datenstrategie-Bundesregierung

I'm looking for an experienced WordPress plugin developer to help me out answering the more technical support questions for our Mailchimp for WordPress plugin ( on a daily basis.

Requirements are ~2 hours of availability per day, have to be good at working on your own and willing to get really familiar with the plugin and code I wrote up to a decade ago.

Rewards: Good pay, lots of freedom. No crazy requests or demands, just very consistent work.

Mozilla's move to @matrix has officially been opened for the general public last night. Blog post here:

You can find the Mozilla #a11y team here:

And if you missed my introduction to the #Riot web interface for screen reader users in December, here it is:

Neuer Blogbeitrag (Was ist denn dieses TV-Camp - und was hat das mit WordPress zu tun?) bei mir -

Switched out React for Preact in Koko Analytics earlier today and the whole thing took less than 30 minutes, including switching out the hash-based router. Such a great job by Jason Miller and the other contributors.

Just this change got the JS bundle (admin only) size down to 130 kB (from 260 kB). 🚀

And down to 120 kB by replacing whatwg-fetch by unfetch: .

Usually, I don't do much content editing, but I used the WordPress Gutenberg editor for There is still enough room for improvement.

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