Before I discovered womens cycling, I was an avid TdF watcher. Now I hardly watch it as there is much more exciting racing to follow. As various commentators like Kathryn Bertine have said, there *was* a women's TdF in both the 1950s and '80s. The only thing stopping that from happening now is lack of desire and laziness. If Christian wants to reinvigorate the event, he needs to get off his ass and take action.

This beer ad went up at a local pub recently. They finished the slogan first and I was in agreement, but then they did the image and now I'm repulsed by the idea

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This is an amazing feat - one woman riding the entire Vuelta just before the men rode each stage. Let no-one say that women aren't capable of riding grand tours.

There's new graffiti in the railway tunnel off Albermarle Street

Interesting transfer news - Ashley Moolman Pasio is moving to Waowdeals, which will be called CCC next year. I wonder if makes her co-leader with Voss? With her loss, Cervelo Bigla will be depending more on Cecilie and the younger riders to step up. However, it's also been announced that Leah Thomas (Darth Leah ☺) is coming over from the defunct UHC team to Bigla, and it will be good to see her race more in Europe

I'm so glad to read that Kristina Vogel is recovering mentally and emotionally after her accident. Given the litany of dodgey incidents she relates for track cycling, I hope that someone takes responsibility for better safety on the track.

This is a tragic outcome. I hope Kristina can build a new life in the aftermath, and it will be interesting to see if she can make a comeback as a paraplegic athlete.

"Germany's Olympic and world sprint cycling champion Kristina Vogel has been paralysed following a serious crash in training in June, she told a German magazine in an interview"

The Boels Ladies Tour 2018 is on at the moment. Annemiek van Vletuten is stamping her authority all over it do far. I've been a bit too distracted to stay up late and follow it, so the photos from Velofocus are an essential part of my daily catch up.

Also, there's 5 days left on their Kickstarter campaign for the 2018 roadbook. If you like great cycling photography, go back it (link in the following page)

I quite like this profile of Natalie Wynn, who posts on YouTube as ContraPoints. There's obviously a interesting path to navigate between public and private personae that is exacerbated by being trans. Add that to the fact that she's dissecting alt-right topics, and what she does is even more impressive.

"The Oscar Wilde of YouTube fights the alt-right with decadence and seduction"

The UCI have released the highlights video of . Given how shattered some riders looked at the finish, it must have been a brutal day out there

Race report and photos from stage 2 by Velofocus. Voss won again and strengthens her grip on the leader's jersey.

"It was windy today, often really windy. And then it rained, and rained some more. But not everyday can be …"

For those wanting a taste of the action from LTON stage 1, Sean from Velofocus shares some photos. Also, if you like great cycling photos, support the Velofocus kickstarter (link in the page).

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This is a really great talk on why so much of IT security is broken. The idea that there's some manifest destiny driving technological innovation has always given me the shits. I also love the dig at Peter Theil.

"Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?"

This is a good dissection of the obike disaster in AU - '“not a bike-share scheme”, it was “a way to generate enormous amounts of venture capital … a kind of a shadowy organisation … privatising the public realm”, not paying tax, without employees.'

My copy of Penny Blackfeather part 1 arrived today. I read it all online, but it's great to have it as a book.

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