Pi is almost sociable. He's wandering around the house and talking to me now and then - it's only been 4 weeks. The catch is that his dad comes back from holiday tomorrow 😀

Pi sitting at the top of the stairs... he's gradually becoming more friendly but likes some distance between us unless I am holding food

I'm babysitting Pi. My brother's off on an overseas holiday, so I am looking after the little boy for a few weeks. He hasn't decided to be friendly yet

What's my favourite thing today?

Reopening a 50 year old book. As far as I recall, LoTR is one if the first books I ever read. I'd reread it constantly as a child and my ritual each Christmas holiday when I was older was to set aside time to read it when I went home.

I have a newer copy, but my mother sent this down to me a while back and I've just started reading it again after a long break.

Gravel rash 

There's a tree down at the bottom of the street and it's brought down the power lines. Luckily our power is on at the moment, but the repairman will have to cut the lines and rebuild - whenever they arrive.

homelessness, mental health 

A photo of the completed artwork in the Newtown rail underpass. With the dodgey lighting there it's hard to get a good photo IMO

Here's a better look at what she's done so far in the couple of hours she's been there

A while back, I saw some cool word-based artwork in the Newtown rail underpass. That got painted over and now the artist is back doing a new piece.

This is Ripley in happier times. Originally, she was skin and bones, dumped on the grounds of the Watson's Bay naval training base as a kitten. People would tell us we were lying when we said we had a cat, as she hid from anyone but us for years. It was a joy to see her grow into a member of the family that was confident to be around people.

Before I discovered womens cycling, I was an avid TdF watcher. Now I hardly watch it as there is much more exciting racing to follow. As various commentators like Kathryn Bertine have said, there *was* a women's TdF in both the 1950s and '80s. The only thing stopping that from happening now is lack of desire and laziness. If Christian wants to reinvigorate the event, he needs to get off his ass and take action.



This beer ad went up at a local pub recently. They finished the slogan first and I was in agreement, but then they did the image and now I'm repulsed by the idea

facebook and myanmar rant 

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