For people using Proton w. Steam to game on Linux, I have made a wee script that some might find useful. It takes all your compatdata/userdata directories and symlinks them to a single one with more sensible names. Would appreciate feedback.

@warpgate9 I'm slightly baffled as to what the use case is, but I'm also intrigued enough to want to learn more.


@BalooUriza Currently in order to get to the user data for a proton game, you have to look up the appid, then browse to the relevant place on whatever drive you have said game installed on. This consolidates all of them into a single place with sensible names rather than numbers.

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@warpgate9 @BalooUriza I mod games and screenshot a lot from Linux, and it's a pain in the butt having to navigate to those folders via the app ID - I always end up making symlinks to directories I use a lot of games I've installed through Proton. So this is useful for me, makes it more convenient ^.^

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