With the debate over Hotel Quarantine, Mutating Corona Virus and the Albert Park Grand Prix. Melbourne. Australia.
I compose little song
"He's the Voodoo Master.
The Melbourne Blaster.
He's gonna make you die.
He's gonna put coins in your eye.
6 ft under in a 'Balwyn' rubbish dumpster.
The back to life, as a 'Prahran' retirement home cruster.
He's the Voodoo Master.
The Melbourne Blaster.
He's tall and long.
Ebony and strong.
He can in a blink.
attach the Voodoo Chain Link.
So you don't think

So 'Crank' and Indian Mathematician "Ramanujan"
I must admit, coding this up is not going to be easy. As the 2/5 I mention in the Toot attachment. Can form a Palindromic lower sequence. Hence the reference to Anharmonics which can occur due to increased temperature in the Fusion Generators Plasma Chamber. Making inclusion for this in a PQa LMM Quartic seems achievable. I already have Python Code for this "crank" on my Web Site at Beartop.org

As the Australian Grand Prix, 18-21 November 2021. At Albert Park, Melbourne Victoria.
Could be a ideal show case for Hydrogen fuel Cell.
I would say investing, that A. Forrest. former CEO (and current non-executive chairman) of Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). Would be someone to follow in this field. As he is likely to be an over achiever. (Rather than creating a shell company, that never delivers)

I shall be coding some Meta Prog C++ for a Crank on my web site. Beartop.org
It seems obvious that Mathematician "Ramanujan" in his search for co-efficient and Cranks that a probability of sort exists similar to that of 2 or 5 for Primes as per this pic. More interesting is if the movie "Passengers" was onboard the Queen of England's space yacht. Somewhere off a Moon of the planet Saturn. In a different future. On in which the Fusion generator of the 1950's had of worked.. So to the C++ Code

So updated my website at beartop.org
with C++ Palindromic, Numeric. Interesting could not find a numeric solution on web searchs. Which i thought about with decimal bases and palindromic, is strange. At least up to a counter. Which is depreciated at least for GCC or Clang compilers with Constexpr. It sought o makes sense up until the use of a PQa LMM. As the input value is the upper limit, the recursion is fine as shown. So maybe stick with MSVC compiler with C++11 to C++17 for now.

Hello Safi, I am old. But recently (Today) I had a go at some Microsoft compiler action (Delay Hook). That involved a simple Meta Program for a Palindromic C++ program. That is without changing numeric to string. Ie for Meta Program. The problem with Linux, in this case is the realization of Parallel programming to compensate for such as 'Clang' not having a Compiler Delay Hook. So looking forward, I can Flag a variable for a Binary Recursion ? Or not? beartop.org

And so some more 'Royal Transforms'. Why isn't there any C++ 11 Meta Programming code for Numeric Palindromic ?? Or C++ 17. But wait, Microsoft Compiler 'MSVC' has a Delay Hook. 'Clang' doesn't. I shall endeavor to produce this Meta Prog code shortly on my web site. As I am not convinced as most existing "String" Palindrome Code is actually Meta Programming.

I think that " Oprah Winfrey " should look at what the Earth will be like in 1200 years. She could start with population growth and Shell Middens in Australia. That doesn't mean talking about it, financially supporting space colonies,. Tax her President 'Biden', Tax her Binary !

I have just updated my website.
Having looked at some C++ 11 number to string for Palindromic code (Palindromes are in the 'J' sequences of a PQa LMM. I noticed that C++17 and above is definitely the superior choice when dealing with strings. So theory. I have put in some C++ code to follow. The Theory of Quantum Entanglement indicates a 'Gwion Gwion' type Hell Lance Spear. (Quantum Entanglement) The rock spear head, types won't like it. (ie Peter Garrat, Midnight Oil)

My review of Quantum Computing with Shors algorithm, has indicated my lack of Recursive Hereditary Knowledge as previously Tooted.
I have always been supportive of local Aboriginal Descendants receiving free education, Business Support and Housing. However the 'Firing' of the clan of Giro Giro paintings in the Kimberly Ranges of W.A Australia. Is on par with the destruction of the Palymra, Syria Ruins by ISIS. Now they seem to have infiltrated the Job Networks as so-called 'Elders. Enslavement ?

Funny how the end can 'just happen'
Nuclear Fusion isn't just about energy, and space travel. But also Quantum Computing and Quantum Entanglement.
Ironic that in Australia the ban on Quantum Entanglement with communications secure code. Is like some one saying you have to be non nuclear and just don't go to an Australian University.

So PQa, Unimodular and Cubic analog of Pells Equation.
Does not Object Orientated Programming play a role ?
What does OOP spell in a Palindromic sequence. POO. Which is a problem for Meta Programming.. Given the 'j' sequence in PQa and palindromics (Co-efficient s , Theta, Combinatrics.
Obvious as to why the best mathematician minds went with P=Theta.. Much better to deal with re-cycled waster as it occurs !

I have upgraded my web site.
Button:" C++ Meta programming "

After reading a blog discussion on the cubic analog for Pells Equation.
Due to the relation of Pells equation to the Hamiltonian and certain polynomials. I have decided to rename the "PO" in PQa LMM. to Ptheta. As per Mathematicians "Ramanujan", "Hardy" and "Alfred Dixon", combinatorics use of theta.
I can only presume that " PO " is an abbreviation of probability ?

Easier to code with a modern compiler C++17, But can it obscure
fold and expressions with conjunction ? C++11 on non modern compiler, well for now !

I have updated my website at beartop.org.

The interest in the possible use of "STUART" by Gauss, for Quantum Computing, and Harmonic Sums. Comes from 4Dimensional space battle scenario's. And Pirate Virus threats to Space Station security.

The location of the native bees site, near the Melbourne Grand Prix entrance, is significant as during the era of Port Phillip Bay being a Swamp. It would have been on high ground similar to that of the east coast of New Zealand. There also should be another site under the bay in the geelong region. On the face of a underwater shoal

The history of malaria is littered with various vaccines and mutations. And the 5 day lock down in Melbourne Vic. 13/02/2021 Reminds me of that.
There is probably enough food, wasted to feed the entire Rohingya refugee population in harpers bazaar, for a long time.
In space, you couldn't afford such luxuries, so security teams would be more alert to such outbreaks.

So 'WHO cares. Well the planned Moon Base by the NASA, due to the expenditure on Corona Virus relief, probaly won't go ahead. But In Australia is a already approved Great Sandy Desert, W.A. Gas project, without water table issues, that could generate $50 Billion. More than enough for a Moon Base and orbiting space Hotel. Problem it requires the strategic reserve in the Kimberly, W.A ('Gwion Gwion', Wadjina country) The Aussie Green MP in the attachment reportably likes to feast on Dugong Cows

After my doctor gave me a normal flue shot and prescribed Heart pills to lower blood pressure. I had a noticable decrease in long term symptoms like those reported for Corona Virus. The Who report into the origins of Covid19, mentioned animals on ice. As Australia has Fruit bats that are consumed in season. The appearance of Koalas at the time of the outbreak in Wu Han china, at the wet market indicates Smugglers of native animals. Chinese officials rarely intervene in local cases. So who cares

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