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Peter Wartman

hi, someone pay me to do a 90s anime sci-fi police procedural, thanks

This thread is filled with spectacular art in a variety of styles by my colleague She is really, really good.

should i attempt to do a social thing this new years or just draw hmm

hey snipping tool captures your cursor too!

I think maybe I finally figured out this Stonebreaker chapter, for real this time, for really actually real.

At around 2:00 on christmas eve.

Anyway some pages will probably be late.

mastodon's content warnings are the best, btw

TLJ spoilers / rambling Show more

TLJ spoilers / rambling Show more

another thing that is hard is kung fu

writing is hard Show more

writing is hard Show more

Finally, a list of all of the contributors to my all ages mixed-race comics anthology!

I'm so excited to be working with these artists, some of whom scare me with their skills and accomplishments and some of whom are just getting their comics off the ground and who I know are going to do amazing. All the stories are so different and creative and A+, I can't wait to show more...