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Peter Wartman

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when i finish this project, i'm going to be much better at drawing six limbed bison-manatees and at understanding the anatomy of the right shoulder

hooray! figured out how to fit in another stonebreaker scene i really think the story needed!

(wait aren't you supposed to be hitting a very tight deadline right now?)


yay it went super well and the mcad students asked super good questions

Giving a talk at MCAD tomorrow hope it goes well 😅

It's been like 5 years since I talked in front of any kind of audience, comics does not prepare you well for pubic speaking.

I keep forgetting mastadon is a Thing

here is art?

hi, someone pay me to do a 90s anime sci-fi police procedural, thanks

This thread is filled with spectacular art in a variety of styles by my colleague She is really, really good.

should i attempt to do a social thing this new years or just draw hmm

hey snipping tool captures your cursor too!

I think maybe I finally figured out this Stonebreaker chapter, for real this time, for really actually real.

At around 2:00 on christmas eve.

Anyway some pages will probably be late.