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Peter Wartman

did you know that my webcomic is just a way to force you to look at all my characters

and occasionally hallways

look at my grumpy, grumpy comics child

Not sure if I'll finish this, but here ya go:

sketching something in between Stonebreaker panels

might have picked this weeks sketch subject :V

there are things i NEED to draw right now, but this is fun

I keep drawing this orc lady?

this entire night is wasted frig

i just figured out that i was hitting ctrl-e and not ctrl-s on this file, so instead of saving i was merging the working layer with the sketch layer under it

i hate my life

is it wrong that i really want to play dnd

is it wrong that i've never played dnd

will i ever remember hashtags

Hey looking for something to read, read my webcomic it updated today 👀👌👌

this pose was hard and took too long and is probably still off, but i have Actual Work to do :P

- hm what should i do for my relaxing warmup sketch?

- what's the most complex pose you can think of?

- yeah, yeah! that.