Just called Shelter about my boiler situation and the advice boiled down to:
RUN: ask landlord politely for a timeline and have they considered just replacing the boiler instead of sending a plumber every month
IF: no action is taken
THEN: get environmental health involved

I am not so good at the asking politely when I've had no heating for nearly two weeks without any word from the landlord so I think I'll send boyfriend instead

Just thinking about Sonic Adventure 2 and what a flawed masterpiece it is

This is her after her last shed! She's currently going through shed again so is hiding a lot (: mastodon.social/media/wJj5Wbbf

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In other news there is an ad on 4OD that uses 2 lines from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory's 'Pure Imagination' and it has been rattling around in my head for two weeks now.

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I feel like the most rubbish person right now. Like, I'm not rubbish, but being unemployed and waiting for a start date in a new job, having an injured foot, having an ASD and anxiety disorder, starting a degree, and dealing with my mother's recent death, I think being a complete mess is probably totally acceptable... but that doesn't stop me feeling like a failure for not being able to be a great partner to my SO. He's a star even though he's having difficulty adjusting right now

There is part of me that wants to spend my literal last £5 on it though

I just want to play picross, so I will play it on my phone while staring longingly at Pictopix

Another day, another day where I fail to wake up before 4pm and feel disappointed in myself

Thinking this Mastodon thing will just be my even-more-nonsense-than-Twitter site. No-one wants to hear about my reptile breeding game!

Buying a male royal python off the market just to breed then sell to the pet shop afterwards in Reptile Breeder. Gotta keep my inbreeding lower than 10%, any higher and I feel dirty.

I keep seeing pictures of Barack and Michelle and it makes me sad because everyone deserves that kind of adoration from their partner yet it seems so rare

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the beauty of pizza is that it is fully customizable, and the basic formula of bread+sauce+topping can be extended in so many ways.

Liking pineapple on pizza is wrong, but the beauty of pizza is that you are free to be as wrong as you like.

I am not sure about this public timeline thing. Maybe a good thing? Maybe maddening

4MB is the filesize booooo

One day a social network will allow me to post my complete GIF collection


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