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Shit posts are fine sometimes, but shit toots? Never good.

It's the remix to Twitter, all those devs they be bitter, users rollin in content but ain't no ads up in hither. Gimme that toot toot. Don't gimme that tweet tweet

Every once in a while I get reminded of the relief junior devs feel when they come to me or other more experienced people and we don't know the answer to a problem, and how valuable that is.

I think a lot of tech (me included) struggles with not wanting to be wrong or seem stupid, but it sets an unreachable expectation on ourselves and our junior colleagues.

Junior devs: if everything is confusing, you're not stupid

Senior devs: let people see you mess up

soy un perdedor 

a proposal for a solution to make account migration work on Mastodon: write a bot that tweets the new account at regular intervals and when @ mentioned. whenever someone follows new account the bot blocks them from the old account so that they stop getting spammed

The year is 2017. The door to Mastodon has been sealed. Those inside toot for survival.

2.8 MB of JavaScript… sent uncompressed 😩

give @Gargron money
give @Gargron money

he's not selling your data, he's been basically doing development singlehandedly at this point, he deserves a couple bucks or euros or whatever currency you use:



Bitcoin: 17j2g7vpgHhLuXhN4bueZFCvdxxieyRVWd

Daily praise of @Gargron.

you make a great tool. thanks for all your hard work. Being a part of a community at this point, even with the growing pains, feels pretty magical.

sunchips place isn't getting the same love as mcelboy

Posting on Birbsite after being spoiled with 500 characters feels like trying to stuff a bowling ball into a condom.

update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to mastodon.social for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.

I verified myself by adding a '✅‭' to my username. And its just as valid or useful as twitter verficiation

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