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imagine if i actually used this website lmao

reassuring my self i still have a physical presence sort of

updating my list of worst things i have drunk with a whole bottle of non-psychoactive cough syrup poured in2 half a can of coke

the thing i was going to do today was: get my perscription for adhd meds filled

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fuck i had shit i was going to do todau but instead i sat on the couch watching ultimate survivor kaiji for 4 hours

the dog is her fursona right thats how fursonas work

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i have too many photos on this phone this is just from images i dled in the last month

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pharmacy closed so i rented omen 1-5 instead of getting meds

for my birthday i got v drunk beat my grandmother at mahjong and she told me to shave my armpits

i have 1-2 friend but i havent self harmed in months so im doing ok

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push me down a flight of stairs im 23 tomorrow

reading old furry webcomix meditating on this guy i found

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