Just got in a discussion on slack and realised that it'd really be worth itemising specifically that set of fungibility techniques in Bitcoin that could at least theoretically have as anonymity set the whole blockchain. This is what I came up with, any thoughts?

2. LN **
2. scriptless script swaps **
3. Coinjoin Unlimited (coinjoinxt + dual fund)
4. Pay-to-endpoint style coinjoin
5. Regular 'Coinswap' without scriptless script **

** all need either (1) or Schnorr for goal.

Would be really surprised if I haven't missed some.

Also if the ** isn't clear just say and I'll elaborate.

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@waxwing I think it would make a really interesting blog post to summarize these "full blockchain anonymity set" techniques and the technology that would enable them.

It seems like fungibility will be the next battle major battle ground for Bitcoin. Unfortunately the different solutions and their trade-offers are harder to understand than those from the scaling debate.

And yet, many smart people didn't understand (or want to understand) the scaling trade offs either.

I guess so. Overwhelmed with py3 update and code auditing coming out of it atm. But I agree while I wouldnt find that the *most* interesting thing to write about, it could be a very useful doc if it was done right.

@waxwing appreciate all the important work you're doing - but just saying it's something I'm keen to understand myself.

I did a little research into ECDSA-2PC and was quickly in over my head.


Yeah that one in particular is probably worth writing up, actually. I made a couple of slides for it in my London presentation on Schnorr, but ran out of time.

We also have at least one actual implementation to refer to now, which helps (Connor Fromknecht's).

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