Thanks for linking this on birdsite, I think I must have skipped or missed it when you wrote it gist.github.com/LaurentMT/e758


Just to add to the confusion, I'm implementing something I'm calling "payjoin" in joinmarket atm, basically = steganographic tx/p2ep/ etc. No attempt to address the merchant use-case, just wallet-wallet.

I think everyone eventually comes round to the idea that this is a very desirable kind of coinjoin :)

@laurentmt In earlier times (maybe, a year ago), I kind of dismissed this idea offhand as not getting enough usage.

That's of course still likely true. But I didn't fully appreciate what an excellent model it is for both privacy *and* scalability (decreasing utxo fragmentation ...) It's only after really chewing over amount correlation problems in CoinjoinXT did it become clear to me that embedding privacy techniques *inside* payments is so much better, even if it *is* hard to coordinate.


some updates on those gist comments (thanks, btw, it really helps), i'm guessing gist comments don't ping you, please check when you have a moment.

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