Anyone care to tell me the payment amount in this transaction? 🤔

With certain contextual clues you should be able to narrow it down a lot, but if you can do that you'll also realize this will be VERY difficult in future ...

@samouraidev Yes, very good example; violates UIH1 (which will often be the case), but it's of no consequence, because it doesn't violate UIH2, so it looks like it could be an ordinary payment of 0.07842... ; and unlike my example there isn't some obvious giveaway with a rounded amount.

In practice I think there is basically zero chance that analysts will even *consider* the p2ep possibility. By the time they do it will be increasingly obvious that "chainalysis" is basically broken.

@waxwing After @laurentMT ran stats on UI1, I didn't include it in the algo and I prioritised UI2. UI2 should be covered on our end. Of course, all of this is subject to fine tuning, as always ;)

@samouraidev Exactly, yeah, that's how I see it too. Good stats, very interesting.

@waxwing @samouraidev startup idea: Random Oracle Chain Analytics, a company which gives randomized (but consistent) attribution - siphon money from the legal system into privacy research in exchange for providing conflicting black box "evidence" to hasten the demise of this multi-million dollar industry. a win-win-win!

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