In a talk in Milan some time ago I claimed there were at least 8 different interpretations of a 2-in 2-out bitcoin transaction.
Today I was thinking about it and decided there were actually 15 in general :) And 52 different ways to make linkages in 5 inputs ... then I realised it was basically Bell numbers, which means there are 203 ways to make linkages in a 3-in 3-out. It scales exponentially.

Pinging @laurentmt because gists don't ping!

Also this problem is (I think) the same problem as how many rhyming schemes there are according to Wikipedia which is somehow a fun thought:

@waxwing Note: just added a point about the scalability and composability of metrics

@laurentmt Pong :) Think I'm mostly finished on this for now, interesting topic though, it will for sure come up again!

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