Does anyone have any paper or document that elaborates on the fact that blockchain analysis are not to be considered reliable?

I am consulting the Italian government for a "blockchain national strategy", and I wanted to pick the occasion to highly the fact that no one should ever be incriminated on the basis of blockchain analysis

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Hi, just realised I never answered this.

Since most material put out in public is either analysis companies and exchanges trying to prove they're on top of tracing bitcoin (they aren't), there's little or nothing on why it doesn't work, except people like me, chris etc explaining it (and there's almost zero amplification of that signal). One recent case was instructive, see point 5 under "Real life example - The QuadrigaCX exchange wallet analysis" on

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It might be too strong to say 'no one should ever be incriminated on the basis of blockchain analysis', although i definitely mostly agree with that statement.

@waxwing @kekcoin yeah I won't be that explicit, but that's the core message I'd like to pass. As I'm helping producing a document which will be officially released by the government, it may be useful for someone in the future to protect against chain analysis based incriminations, or at least that's my hope

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