"Understanding Bitcoin" conference has wrapped up, I think the general idea of focusing on hands-on has been good, I think people who are into hardware would have particularly enjoyed the final part that talked about things like mesh network and satellites, there was also a lot about various ways you can run a node.
We might have pitched it too high technically for the average user though - if they do it again next year it might start off with more of a "beginners" day.

@Sosthene Obviously it'll depend on your interests, but basically all the non-demo talks are demonstrations of software or hardware solutions.

@waxwing ah ok it makes more sense this way 😁
I need to check it out then, I love demos. Any recommandation ?

@Sosthene Well lots were good. I think I particularly liked the demonstration of abcore - Udi ( @udiWertheimer , first day) demo-ed installing a full node on an Android TV device!.

Also enjoyed looking at the goTenna operating to broadcast a transaction ( Richard Myers, second day afternoon)

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@Sosthene @udiWertheimer

You can also find chris belcher demo-ing EPS, for example. some hardware wallet stuff, and also i think there were demos of some full node things like nodl but I missed that one, will catch up on line.

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