I'm doing more boring things right now, but this looks fun: Chris Belcher and Zmn... etc with some thoughts about using PayJoin/P2EP and CoinSwap together:


Interesting,but IMO coinswap has nothing in common with fungibility. If tainted coins become a concern among users, it will be hard to find a counterparty.

@liberliver I rather doubt that, but there is a valid point there: with coinjoin, we fuse histories, so if you're worried about "taint" then at least you have some deniability on being connected to a tainted coin. With coinswap in the same scenario it might be harder to demonstrate that it had occurred, if put in a situation where you felt you needed to prove it.
The scriptless script swap is particularly interesting in this regard, it is quite feasible to create a scenario where noone can ...

I don't understand how scriptless scripts work although I tried to figure out from Poelstra presentations. I thing straightforward implementation of swaps couldn't work if it will form specific pattern. For example Ricochet by Samourai has easily traceable pattern even by naive script. What we can say about dedicated researchers with budgets and clusters?

@liberliver Swaps break the link on the blockchain so they make the job *much* harder for blockchain analysis than coinjoin.

Re: understanding scriptless scripts, you may find this blog I wrote a while back useful: joinmarket.me/blog/blog/flippi

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