Some podcast recommendations!

1: A podcast that might annoy you, possibly, but I'll still recommend it:

the a16z podcast on blockchain stuff recently:

To be clear, I think the theses being discussed here are all quite badly wrong, and it's particularly revealing that they describe Bitcoin as slow and in discussing scaling they mention LN not once. I could go on but you get the picture. Why recommend? You should hear other perspectives.


2: This isn't an amazing podcast, but it's quite nice and it really reminds me of the "old days" when Bitcoin podcasts were rare and had a much more "small time" feeling, just a few enthusiast amateurs. This particular episode is about someone who contributes to BTCPayServer:


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3: Much more famous and so not as interesting of a recommendation, but I'm right now finishing listening to this interview with Poelstra; it's one of the better ones he's done, I commend the hosts for letting him just go at it in detail ( the first section is all about miniscript and super interesting, then it broadens to other stuff, also I get a mention, blink and you'll miss it 😂 ):

3/3 (unless I think of more!)

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@waxwing about halfway through this one, going through repeatedly in short bursts. Andrew Poelstra is a “don’t miss” for me in the space. Surprisingly only 100 views so far, perhaps due to the busy week of conferences.

@jon Re: views, I guess a lot of people, like me, are subscribed to the audio version.

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