2021 has been a big year for our group founded in the fall of 2020. During this year we refined our structure & our vision, and grew our community. Learn more about our journey from the highlights of our 2021 community meetings. (1/12)

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We started 2021 with a kick off meeting in February to decide on a group name, mission statement, organizational principles and a list of organizations to become new members! (2/12)

We started planning our public website in March. We discussed a technical report from a meeting with TIB’s development team and how they were testing automated deployment of Wikibase via Ansible. We discussed user access control and reuse of standard ontologies. (3/12)

In April we discussed our communication & collaboration tools. We agreed on Github for project planning and Loomio for decision making. @despens from Rhizome showed the neat ArtBase query service (query.artbase.rhizome.org) with custom prefixes, examples & much more. (4/12)

We released our website & mission statement in May. Rhizome shared their code for query service GUI (github.com/rhizomedotorg/artba). The WESO Research Group (weso.es) presented their tools for ShEx. It hugely impacts data validation, import & subsetting. (5/12)


In June Sam Alipio (Product manager, Wikibase Ecosystem) presented “Wikibase Release Strategy/Infrastucture Initiative”. Sam informed us about the release cycle, federated properties, WB Manifest, WB Pingback & new surveys. We discussed federation issues & template import. (6/12)

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Since July our website is wbstakeholder.group. Jeff Goeke-Smith presented beautiful enslaved.org with many details on architecture, production & development clones, custom prefixes in RDF, data import, account & authentication integration. (7/12)

In September we learned a lot from Andra Waagmeester’s talk on classic RDF-based federation. We discussed the meaning of federation, the formatter URL/URI, WikibaseManifest and “sameAs” & “exactMatch” native support for Wikibase. The slides: docs.google.com/presentation/d (8/12)

In October Maarten Brinkerink & Maarten Zeinstra presented the Luxembourg Shared Authority File project & EDTF datatype extension developed by Professional Wiki. OAI-PMH, EDTF extension & further developments were discussed. The project was also shown at @swibcon youtu.be/MDjyiYrOWJQ (9/12)

Our first public meeting took place at WikidataCon 2021. In our Miro board we clarified the priorities and action points for future Wikibase development work. This helped us formulate core institutional requirements for Wikibase. pretalx.com/wdcon21/talk/PPYGS (10/12)

In November we sent the letter “Institutional requirements for self-deployed Wikibase” to WMDE (wbstakeholder.group/projects/i), started tweeting & tooting☑️, released our open budget (wbstakeholder.group/budget), proposed a possible new extension & an option to use OAI-PMH with Wikibase. (11/12)

In December Dennis Diefenbach (The QA Company) presented the tool WikibaseSync for linkedopendata.eu. We discussed federation & entity reuse, pros and cons of both approaches. We finished our last meeting in 2021 with big plans for 2022: workshops & new extensions. (12/12)🎆

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