I came across, a stealthy company site that claims to sell "ad-tech based technology that enables law enforcement and intelligence agencies to gather deep intelligence from thousands of different data points", i.e. behavioral data from digital advertising.

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The website is available in EN+FR. No imprint, obfuscated whois info, zero footprint. Didn't find any corporate registration info that makes sense.

Dema Ltd claims to sell everything from osint to PR to cellphone interception to prison security to maritime defense …seems fishy.

In case they're actually harvesting and selling data from the RTB bidstream at scale, this would make the digital advertising ecosystem look like a private mass surveillance system, once again.

Is this company real? Don't know, but I found some possible links+context at least.

The Dema site shares phrases with, a similar site that also offers surveillance tech, and with, e.g.:

- "traditional websites, news sites, social media, blogs and the dark web"
- "a people-profession and we have a broad network"

And these 3 sites are among 6 domains that are served from the same IP.

I'd say this requires further investigations by journalists.

The 'consultants' listed at may want to clarify whether Dema and Versa are actually affiliated, and what this is about.

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