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@santosbullshit some of the songs are catchy. I love most pop music though.

@PinkCathodeCat I just did the one paper. But would look towards biz analyze.

I might just stay awake. I can sleep on the 6 hour bus trip. Still drunk anyway.

@PinkCathodeCat I would like to do some law papers I'm especially interested in property law. My exam was a 101 economics. I enjoyed the stories.

I'm finally going on holiday. Aiming for at least a week, two would be better.

@Riley this is the same technique I use for my novels.

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But in seriousness, I do music the same way I do prose. Dump everything out into a stream of consciousness first draft, cut out everything that doesn't work, and refine it (tweaking melodies, adding effects, etc.). Sometimes I even delete everything but the effects and instruments and redo it, like I'd do with a draft story once I figure out what direction I want to go in.

@PinkCathodeCat I get my results on Friday. Class had a 88.8% pass rate. Here's hoping.

@CBrachyrhynchos open scene gave me tears but movie was meh. First few xpacs cinematics would bring me tears, in a cool way.

@Anita great! Watercolor got to be sure and confident with marks. Unlike media where you can work over, like acrylic.

@jck yes that is a good point. I'm sure you will figure sometime thing out.

i drank a bottle of wine. it went fast and i dont feel drunk. but when i walk i am drunk

All my novels have some sort of govt take over. This time its Islamic State.

I'm taking this novel slow and editing as I go. Not so focused on wordcount.

@gamehawk sound everywhere else. I use Pithos for music and vlc for tv/movies.

Even better a ai that edits it