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William @wcmckee@mastodon.social

I have a sore stomach. Super annoying. I think it's the water here. I have to drink beer and juice instead

I got myself a new keyboard. Cooler master. Cherry brown switches.

I'm going to techexpo in Auckland tomorrow. I plan on buying a keyboard.

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We started a #Patreon to support the development of #GodotEngine!


As arguably the best #FOSS game engine out there, you should definitely check out the video showcasing the upcoming features in Godot 3.0!

I've been sleeping well. Good as I have a expo on this weekend

Attempting to run path of exile in virtual machine. Downloaded but stuck on checking resources...

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I need 11 more people to sign up, pretty please. It requires no commitment further beyond verifying your email address, and if I get 15 people to sign up, I'll get the alarm clock for my son free.

Flatmates had massive fight tonight. They such pussies. Looking forward to getting out of here.

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(cont) Journalism about twitter needs to be considered with the same degree of skepticism as journalism about press releases (which also frequently fails). The tweet needs to be regarded as having a similar degree of promotional or advocacy bias.

And the assumption that popular tweets reflect a neutral vox populi needs to be rejected outright.

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anyone here actually read ebooks?

i run a lit mag and i'm trying to determine if it's worth the significant extra effort to put epub & kindle out there.

they barely sell. i do much better with the print editions. i'm just not sure if the audience is small but loyal, or if digital feels like a bonus addon that people take but never actually read.

please give me your insights!!! i need perspective outside my own. :)

boost too, if you'd be so kind.

It was my flatmates 21st last night. I meet someone called Ruby. Couldn't stop thinking about the language

I got sent bus data gtfs. Its in binary form though. Going to be a pain to parse

For govhack I started redesigning the reserve bank nz website. rbnz.tech

Govt Dept's are annoying to deal with. Results in me working on uber api instead. So much more professional. If only the bus service was privatized...

Did a official info act request. For bus data Let's hope they don't refuse

Got any email about busit api. They delayed further - say its months away.

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I just wrote the instructions of the 5th episode of the Pi Router project. This project is meant to create a cheap, small and secure 4G LTE/Wifi router.

This episode deals with replacing USB connectors by shielded cables allowing us to get rid of the USB connectors of the hub.

Feel to leave your remarks, comments and advices!

See more on my website: esther.codes/post-pi_router_st


I slept in yesterday and missed my first class. Made it to 2nd. Fun but too short.

I've read 5 books from the Horus Heresy warhammer series.

Class today. Was OK but scary. Strategic management. I did a talk at python group on zalando api.