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Allright peeps, can you throw some follow-worthy Twitter people (or groups or whatnot) on me, specifically blue team??

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Mastodon needs a function “sync Twitter friends” or something similar

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animation API + Brush API = gradient colors coming to life! 🖌🎨

@astamatok@twitter.com shows you how you can take your text to the next level with various animation styles in part two of the Brush API blog. → goo.gle/3ORC0M3

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Investigation report about the abuse of the Mac Appstore - 7 developer accounts orchestrated by the same person - evade things from Apple review team - anti-competitive behavior - fake reviews to mislead Apple users - thousands of bucks revenue: privacyis1st.medium.com/abuse-

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I seem to have unlocked the vector art weather wallpaper on iOS 16 👾⛈

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