"allvm-meta" is now public, containing little meta but two items that are worth sharing couldn't be more different:

* The ALLVM Logo source files and renderings
* Most (?) of the bsd kernel module I wrote for close-to-bare hosting of enough of an LLVM JIT to codegen the bitcode for FreeBSD kernel. From 2013! \o/
The latter isn't documented and is missing some minor bits (patches for uclibc, LLVM, etc.) that once I get a spare weekend I'll search old backups for.


Quick post about this on

Compared to summary given in previous post, added email that describes things better than I could here for space and memory reasons, link: .

This was separate but naturally related to my undergrad work on "JOVE": . I have a very specific set of skills. Skills I've acquired by doing crazy and/or awesome things for years. JOVE I put an LLVM JIT into the hypervisor (QEMU) and interacted with it via hypercalls. See the poster for bit more info :D.

Oh yeah I have a "page" on my website that describes JOVE a bit: . Good job, Will-of-the-past, thanks again!

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