If this TV stand fails, it's because I couldn't find the dege and it's entirely my fault.

Blur filter activated, apparently, lol oops sorry

"oh it's out of focus for everyone not just those who've been drinking"

Haha maybe it's bc I've just got shit vision and am generally kinda used to a things bring blurry sometimes (and overdue for new glasses/updated script). You know, since that's the world I experience at least once/day :). Hashtag brave hashtag hero.

I saw it blurry but honestly am kinda surprised it turned out that way, given the subject and autofocus and crazy high res cameras .... easy to get used toand expect good results even when sloppy with focus.

I've officially spent more energy on worrying about quality of that image than these folks did on spelling. I mean, dege?!

As a reward to those still following this thread, I present the following (which is clearly where the tech writers spent most their energy):

Although minus 10 points because a screwdriver with a tip that size will definitely not do the job for any of this, but since it sets up the hammer joke I'll forgive it.


I think the manual was printed at roughly 0.9x proper size, judging by the tip actually appropriate and all the actual-size-but-not-really depictions of parts/screws. Estimate not based on measurement.

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