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ANOTHER fire? (Sepulveda Pass / Skirball area, not too far from the Getty).

We need some rain ASAP, but I don't think any is coming.

Heard firetruck sirens a few times today. I guess some of our neighborhood LAFD stations are heading out to help with the Creek and Rye fires.

I'm getting used to the campfire smell though. Or maybe the winds have shifted so the smell is less intense here.

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Has anyone in been to the Museum of Failure yet? Is it worth the price of admission?


A hazy, campfire scented morning in my part of .

I'm several miles away from both fires, but the Santa Ana winds have brought the smoke into our neighborhood 😷.

I've watched since season 1, but I still don't know which Tom is Sandoval and which is Schwartz. 😂

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Someone I follow on Twitter is looking for an experienced freelance web designer. I know we have a couple round here looking for work, so check it out if you're interested:

If you need to soothe yourself with some radical black and feminist art, the California African American Museum has a great exhibit "We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85"

They also have a Pacific Standard Time exhibit worth visiting "Circles and Circuits I: History and Art of the Chinese Caribbean Diaspora."

("Circles and Circuits II" is at the Chinese American Museum

Admitting to myself that "pump dispensers are trash" is the most trivial hill I am willing to die on.

This is really a post about love and romance and whether search boxes work -- not about algorigthms.''

But it's still a reminder that sometimes emotion and "gut" feeling can be more valuable.

"An Algorithm Isn’t Always the Answer"

Also, if you're like me and realized you were missing out on some cultural understandings, Slate brings you "The Gringo's Guide to 'Coco'"

Saw "Coco" tonight. It was charming and had a major telenovela-ish twist.

If you cry easily, bring tissues. You'll need them for the last 30 minutes or so.

I kind of hope Blake Griffin retires from the NBA at the end of this season. Then we'll be treated to gems like this comedic power walk.

A look at Vietnamese-American communities and their food in Orange County (CA), San Jose, New Orleans and Houston.

"Vietnamese Immigration and Its Culinary Influence on the United States"


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