I love the color scheme of this baby! the shiny looking textures are amazing!! their wings in particular look so soft!

look at this amazing dragon! I love their shiny underside!! their dark blue color suits them very well!! overall, they look very friendly and elegant!

an absolute cutie!! I love their big antlers and their little ears! their rich brown color reminds me of a good cup of hot cocoa!

look at this little baby! I love their big ears!!! and I love their little paws!!

@timdrake here's the golden/yellow lab (I saw it come up under both names)!! they look like a good companion!! I love how gentle their face looks!

look at that ruby red color!!! and their wings are so good!!! I love the little poof on their head!

look at them!!!! I know skunks are usually frowned upon, but look at their poofy tail!! look at their friendly face and their loving eyes!!! I'd cuddle this skunk any day!

look at how vibrant their colors are!!!! I love their pattern too!!! stunning!

look at this cute puppy!! their clover pattern reminds me of that white haired danganronpa guy everyone likes!! and I love how glittery their paws are!!!

look at this baby!! I love the color on them!!! their ears and chest look super soft!!! I hope they're having a good retirement!!

@yolo_frollo you mentioned that you used to have the love frog and that you gave it to your niece, so this one's for you! look at this one's magnificent smile! their pose in this one looks like they're trying to stifle their laughter!

another from the love pattern series! this one is really good because I personally LOVE lions!! I really like how the end of their tail ends in a heart too!

what a wonderful hippo! I love how their nostrils stick out; it gives them a lot of character! their cute little ears are adorable as well! the baby blue is a real calming color too!!

I absolutely love the color scheme of this one! I'm not sure if the thing under their chin is a beard or a collar, but either way they truly rock it!! they look very majestic, as a Pegasus should!

look at this gorgeous baby! they give me a regal vibe! I love their ears, and their pattern!

I love their little horns and floppy ears!!! their fur is so white and pristine! truly an icon!

look at this fluffy koala! back in elementary school, my teacher had this webkinz and we would take turns taking care of them on the weekends!! we had to write in a journal about our weekend with them, and it was super fun! it's what got me into webkinz in the first place!

what a soft looking husky! their face looks very cute and ready to snuggle! I love their big tail too!

look at this cute monkey! his pattern holds my love and appreciation for all of my new followers! 💗💗💗

@ducki here you go!! they look like they're ready to have a good time!

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