I'll never understand why some people hate giving code reviews. I get that you don't want to be harsh which you can choose not to be harsh.

I find the experience to be rewarding and a great learning opportunity as a reviewer.

Case in point, TIL that `bool(queryset)` is more efficient by one query than `queryset.exists()` which is the conventional method. Now using `exists` is more efficient than `count`, but saving one query for some clients is a HUGE deal.

@webology I learned a lot as a veteran giving code reviews. People are clever, and code reviews are the number one way that I learn all those little tricks and idioms.

It keeps code more uniform across an organization, it keeps people honest (I write better code just because I know that I'll have to present it in review) and it helps good practices cross-pollinate.

@webology Perhaps, one of the reasons could be Python 3.x compatibility. These newer efficient methods work in Python 3, but there are even large projects (such as Twisted) which are still in 2.7 and haven't migrated yet.

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