Deepmind: A set of 13 machine-learning tasks that require memory to solve

(submitted by davidfoster)

I've pushed Fireworks v0.2.3 to live, it and the updated starter package on are all set for this years competition :).

Published a guide for the Hanabi competition (and found a bug in j2static in the process 😞) - hopefully it makes sense :P.

University student? Want to spend your summer hacking on Krita? Or do you know someone who does?

IGGI PhD program looking for applications for this year. People interested in doing games and AI research have a look-see

The Free as in Freedom podcast returns after a 15 month hiatus! Your co-presenters, Bkuhn and @o0karen0o (Conservancy's Executive Director and President respectively) kick off the return with discussion of the popularity of "pretend" #FOSS licensing in 2018.

We love processing the software development work invoices of #ReproducibleBuilds developers. They're the only contractors who attach GPG signatures, sha256sums and the like for all their documentation. Apparently, they're also working on #ReproducibleBilling as well.

My new entroware laptop arrived yesterday. It's a pretty nice machine :). The keyboard feels nice to use and it's a lot lighter than I thought it would be.

@BernieTB yeah, google wave was an interesting idea, but it was so slow and would occasionally bug out. The extensions system was pretty nice.

Campus Cat crashed out coffee event this morning - Don't think anyone minded though 🐱

With the news of Google+'s impending demise, I thought it might be worth trying out this again.

The only downside is I'm never going to be able to spell the website name correctly 🤷‍♂️


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