currently thinking hard about if and how to syndicate content between my website, twitter and mastodon. what are your takes?


this really looks interesting. turning a indiewebbed site into a full fledged fediverse citizen… def. something to try out and tinker with.

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Testing my blog set up for interaction with the fediverse, via, as discovered via this post

Well well well… now that the world's richest person wants to buy twitter, there's (again) a rush among the inhabitants of my twitter timeline to alternative ways of, hm, "twitter".
Like in 2018, when I, too, created an account on a Mastodon instance (only to let it go silent after a few attempts).
For several years now I'm using my website here from time to time as the source for, hm, "tweets", in the spirit of the IndieWeb. But, the ease and immediate interaction/reaction to stuff that I put out directly on twitter is still much more to my liking. Or maybe I'm just lazy.
Anyway, this is yet another nudge to be very thoughtful about where "my" content lives, and having my own site here, it should naturally be the place. Even if there's no one here directly read the ramblings. We'll see.

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