this really looks interesting. turning a indiewebbed site into a full fledged fediverse citizen… def. something to try out and tinker with.

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This. HTML FTW!!

"(…) taking the time to code web pages well will enable our sites to speak to our customers like they speak to each other. Thinking about how our sites are experienced as headless interfaces now will set the stage for more natural interactions between the real world and the digital one."

@jonne i already have a bridge to twitter… need to check if/how this'll work for mastodon. thx :)

@machtdesign die wurden ordnungsgemäß dem verdauungstrakt zugeführt. *börps

@bkastl Well, that's my main concern… rather than to foster yet another social network, I'd like to make my website the hub of all contents and reactions… or I go the @yatil route and control my own instance, daunting task as it may seem…

currently thinking hard about if and how to syndicate content between my website, twitter and mastodon. what are your takes?

Hm, a reply to a 'cw'ed post inherits the cw… good to know


What's that 'cw' / content warning button supposed to do?

Trööööt. (aka hello world).
After 4 days finally got hold of this account/handle -- this better be good. ;-)


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