I will have one month to prep for MFF. Pretty sure I'm not gonna get any art done in time.

I wonder if you could run a hydroelectric dam off of the output of waste water treatment plants >_>

So everything I was doing took longer than expected. Still have to shower and bundle the garbage. I think I'm going to skip streaming tonight and just try to get some extra rest for the week ahead.

Y'know, I really wish I could do a cooking panel at a con.

Y'know what would be cool? If you could build traffic cams in your city to display on a second monitor. So you have like 4 or 6 live traffic cam views up on another monitor so you can keep an eye on other areas of the city while you're working on another.

Really wish the metro/monorail/train hub had dual metro tunnels, too. Would prevent backup when you have more than one line going through a track.

My metro lines are apparently backing up, too. Adjusting the number of subway cars to see if I can clear it up with minimal changes.

HOLY SHIT I just built that bus line. Apparently there was pent up demand for bus access to the railway station. Considering putting in a metro loop but I'm not sure on the costs/land usage making it worth it.

u ever have to put on a shirt the same way u plug in a usb stick?

Jaida usually doesn't do dresses and skirts, and when she does it's hard not to be a little self-conscious! She'd be more comfortable in flannel and denim, but sometimes you gotta look... well, cute!

Ft. Return of The Bun!

๐ŸŽจ: A wonderful job by
@FluffsTweets over on birdsite!

Ahhhhhh heck getting some pretty bad feels over this whole damn thing.

Graaaah I'm trying to make a mini version of the stereo system main board and I think it's actually complicating things somewhat. It's not a whole lot cheaper either. $37.50 per board vs. $65 for the large, but throw on a $5 connector and another $40 board to get all 8 slots...

Man, it's crazy how much more straddle-mount PCIe connectors cost than through-hole connectors.

FYI: The LGBTQIA+ Furs/Discussion panel was NOT accepted for MFF. So I will not be hosting a panel at MFF.

... apparently they do but they're at least 5x the price. x-x

Still kind of considering buying another battery chassis for my UPS, but I'm also wondering if there are any drop-in lithium battery replacements for the 7.2Ah SLA batteries APC uses or if I'd have to use a conversion circuit.

I wanna configure my network so it presents a throttled but freely accessible WiFi network when the power goes out.

So YouTube recommended Weezer's cover of Africa so I watched it since I hadn't seen the video before and the cover was fine??? The mv was funny, unlike Toto's vid for it which I'd still like to know what the HELL is going on in it.

There's two tabs to get out, and you have to press in the sides to do it. You get one side out, it pops back in when you try to do the other side. There's no way I can squeeze both at the same time without hurting a muscle in that orientation.

Warg! I went out to get my meds so when I got back I'd figure it was a nice enough day to finally check the cabin air filter on my car. To get to it you have to take out the glove box, and I nearly pulled a back muscle trying to get it out and still couldn't. What a shit design.

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