Even though I've never really considered it worth it I kind of wish I went to the fur-b-que just to have hung out with folks for at least a little this weekend. Hate how far away I am from friends.

Biggest problem with stuttering/drop-outs in voice chat is it sounds like the person keeps stopping talking so you stop to let them go them they "continue" then "stop" again and it gets really confusing until you realize that no, it's the connection, not the person.

Occasional reminder: 18+ account is @webster

And I may be moving off of mastodon.social at some point in the future for this account, but I'll post a few alerts when that does happen.

I hate that so many apps on phones will redownload a file you already downloaded to view just to save or rewatch it. Cell reception sucks in so many areas and most people don't have unlimited data plans. It's bonkers.

Think I'm gonna either have to raise prices or make my "loose inks" even looser. $20 over an hour and a half is no good.

food recipe (vegan) 

food recipe (vegan) 

Today I didn't do the thing
but that is quite alright
tomorrow brings another day
and yet another night

There's more to life than doing things
for massive corporations,
forgive yourself and rest your head
and dream of revolution :blobsleepy: :blobbloc:

a meme about mental illness 

iโ€™ve set up a goal on kofi for HRT & itโ€™d be amazing if people could share this & maybe donate if theyโ€™re able? the surgery fund is gonna take a while and iโ€™m tryna save for both that and HRT so this would help me out massively ko-fi.com/anthonymvillers

chemist: ah, a perfect .5000 M HCl stock

me, adding water, measured w/ a flask:

There's all this cat-and-buttered-toast stuff when you could just take a single piece of toast and butter both sides.


โ€œDiane itโ€™s 11:41 in the morning on September the 12th, 2019. Iโ€™ve just come to this lovely community called snouts dot online as itโ€™s called. Bought a new pair of jeans here from someplace called Luke Arioโ€™s, run by dogs, nice fellows. Lot of dogs here Diane! Lot of good boys. Havenโ€™t seen this many dogs since the Bureauโ€™s last charity event, but you were there with me so I wonโ€™t go into too much detail. Remind me to tell Albert about this place Diane, hard a man as he is, heโ€™d love it here.โ€

Nonbinary-ness is strange, changing, and difficult to categorize just like the most wonderful things in this universe.

Embrace the beautiful strangeness of yourself and you will not fear standing out or fitting in.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

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