Shortly after getting into it I opened for commissions and near immediately had someone tell me my prices were way too high. I'm still recovering from listening to them.

I started drawing regularly in December 2009, after drawing on and off since, well, I could hold a crayon. Had a real focus on angular objects like buildings for a while until I discovered I like boobs; the split's drifted more towards characters since.

๐Ÿˆ๐ŸŒดVaPURRwave Enamel Pin๐ŸŒด๐Ÿˆ

I need to reach a certan # to get these made too so every pre-order helps. Plus, pre-ordering comes with small goodies! Form and info here!

Dragon Age Z
Dragon Ball Inquisition
Dragon Dragon

sewing! - and masculinity, gendering, misogyny, environmental pol Show more

BTW, I have a room to split at Fur The More. Mutuals get priority. No smokers/vapers/snorers, please. No open room parties. Payment up front. Have it Fri-Sun but can extend to Thur-Sun once split. Complainers/explainers get blocked.

@fluxom_alt @Ficus @Balina @BestGirlGrace @vidi_victa_veni @sudo_bee I cant hear you, Iโ€™m already diving, Scrooge McDuck-style, into a swimming pool filled with sexy robot ass

i wonder if you could come up with a good universe where angels and demons exist and represent opposites of *something* that avoid both:

- yeah demons torture people forever but we're going to avoid that
- the demons are actually good and the angels are actually bad, fucked up isn't it????

while still maintaining fun corruption possibilities and the association of demons with things like sluttiness/lust

maybe order/chaos?

@vidi_victa_veni @sudo_bee
- angels in lab coats and hair buns monitoring Earth
- "Look, we all want to kiss the humans, but it's everyone's ass on the line if this gets screwed up. We can't afford a second one."

dasharez0ne and dril fanfic where they're shadowrunners (decker and rigger obv) and massively frustrate the rest of the team and their employer

Saw myself reflected in my laptop screen. Not the best shot, may try a proper one when I get home, but I thought I looked nicely femme with my ponytail and hair tuft.

Have you ever just glanced at your girlfriendโ€™s screen and get suddenly filled with dread

If you squint at the keywords they kinda look like a captcha or glitched digital display.

I wanna do/get a picture of a perspective shot across a countertop of Webster cooking. Wonder how hard that'd be to get right.

today a boy called the hoodie im always wearing my "second skin" so i replied "no, third" and let him stew on that a bit

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