I never read it, but does the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? explain why the title mentions androids /dreaming/ of sheep when the whole reference is to a turn of phrase where you COUNT the sheep to help you fall asleep, you don't dream about it?

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Bring back "overmorrow" to mean "the day after tomorrow" evn tho it is archaic because the latter is such a mouthful smfh

I've had this movie idea for a while and I really want to see it made. Been thinking about it while trying to fall back asleep so I can get maybe eight hours. But now I'm thinking about trying to make a comic around it. Would require me to develop a quicker art style though

Small updates with a layout tweak. Still trying to figure out the best combination of ships. So far I figure the Battle Cruiser is first-in last-out in any system, fast and heavily armored, can pop in, get eyes on a situation, absorb attacks as needed, and pop out if it's too hot.

But I'm debating how that'd go with the carriers; that is, if they should fulfill that roll, but I've been considering them unable to maneuver that well?

It's amazing how long it takes just to start playing StarCraft II. Gotta start the launcher. Gotta start the game. Gotta wait for it to load all the assets. Gotta click through a bunch of menus. Gotta click on the map table. Gotta choose a planet...

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cooldown (and then some): mio and a big tower of junk!

i don't know which version i like better, so here's both :0

So I wanna update Linux on my system and try using it more often but I can't decide which distro or DE to use. I'm thinking some form of Ubuntu just because so much software assumes it. Maybe Kubuntu, Mint w/Cinnamon, or Lubuntu. Opinions?

@fariparedes are u implying that there is a limit to the number of possums this instance can host?

you are sadly mistaken :possum_rawr: :possum: :possum_rawr: :possum: :possum_rawr: :possum:

Gonna have to find someone to draw me as a reindeer this year.

So uh. I just finished the first act of Kentucky Route Zero. And uh. What?

America's Sweetheart. Apparently a good song to energize me. Nice start to drag you along with it then the drop hits and it's all rocking.

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Man, just imagine how much art I could get for what I'm paying to attend MFF... >_>;

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