Another update! The city has grown, water pollution is decreasing, building a freight rail depot resulted in an invasion of donut & hotdog vendors, boxes are now made inside giant spheres, & the "high value" neighborhood along the river has become a wall of pastel modern design.

So there was this crazy over-elaborate interchange that was causing issues so I replaced it with a giant traffic circle. Then since traffic was flowing so smoothly the smaller traffic circle was backing up so I had to upgrade it to 3 lanes (since 2-lanes in C:S is broken)

Trains are dumb and won't use both rails :V I had to change the one ways into two-ways to actually make use of all four tracks in the Monorail-Metro-Railway station :<

Y'know what'd also be nice? If there was a version that straddled a road so you could just have the monorail go immediately above a roadway. Bonus points if it straddled a road on each side.

Currently only using bus + rail at that station. I'm currently in the planning phase for either a metro or monorail. I'm thinking the former would be easier than having to deal with the monorail stations.

The square-ness of non-square items in the game is really annoying.

Upgraded the pedestrian bridge to Headquarters (the island) to a bicycle-only path and people are actually using it now! Also the island's looking pretty nice 👌

Slowly expanding. The city, that is. Finally placed a subway line to loop around to offset the most heavily used bus line. It slightly detours to a large station where travelers can switch over to bus, taxi, rail, or (in the future) monorail.

I added a metro tunnel to close the loop & added a separate line to mirror the bus line above. (Blue Line is the same for metro & bus, apart from fewer metro stops). The metro blue line picked up a fair bit of travelers but the bus blue line is still fairly overloaded with 19 buses.

Cleaned up a bunch of pedestrian bridges and extended some, looking into expanding the area as population has stalled despite zoning up to higher density. Also, as seen below, I cleaned up the rail fly-overs and created a bypass for the freight rails.

No other shareable updates from the art stream tonight, so MORE CITIES: SKYLINES UPDATES that I never posted. To start I'm working on unclogging this damn traffic circle (doesn't help they don't follow roundabout rules). Part of this involved adding pedestrian paths (whoops!).

Also made a neat little park out of props behind a subway station since it's too small to build anything, unfortunately. Doesn't do anything but it looks neat. C:S really needs some mini green spaces you can plop off of roads.

Lastly, a story involving a tourist who parked in the middle of nowhere then proceeded to trapeze about the city? I guess I have good public transit???

Incoming updates from today's stream! To start... this... thing. I mean, it worked? But the fix at least looks reasonable, if not pretty.

Expansion is continuing! Although there may be an... issue with... the police. And the industrial district is not doing... great.

Let's see, what's new... I used Advanced Road Anarchy to put a ped path in a convenient spot to reduce walk times from the train station on the island. A biotech company bought out six consecutive buildings along a park on the island, probably to snatch people... I broke physics. And the police were responding to something at a waste incineration plant, so... probably someone from the biotech corp disposing of bodies.

So uh, the biotech company has greatly expanded, so... be careful out there.

These are the asymmetrical streets I was talking about. Greatly helped with queuing, though I'm still considering changes to the bypass.

A couple of overloaded transit stops. I eventually fixed them, though. Also that's the bus that drove through the cop car.


Lastly, for today, it turns out the river flow is so low after putting five pumps on it, it literally was draining faster than it could refill. I moved one of them over to the bay area but the river that feeds the bay is so slow I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to start using water towers instead.

HOLY SHIT I just built that bus line. Apparently there was pent up demand for bus access to the railway station. Considering putting in a metro loop but I'm not sure on the costs/land usage making it worth it.

My metro lines are apparently backing up, too. Adjusting the number of subway cars to see if I can clear it up with minimal changes.

Really wish the metro/monorail/train hub had dual metro tunnels, too. Would prevent backup when you have more than one line going through a track.

Y'know what would be cool? If you could build traffic cams in your city to display on a second monitor. So you have like 4 or 6 live traffic cam views up on another monitor so you can keep an eye on other areas of the city while you're working on another.

I wonder if you could run a hydroelectric dam off of the output of waste water treatment plants >_>

Overflow channel is starting to be used. 4 pumps are /slightly/ too little to keep up with the river flow, 5 are way too much. Additionally, we're getting more expansion in the HQ district, along with trying some new interchange designs to reduce traffic in critical sections.

This piece of roadway is being a pain, especially since you cannot keep it divided, so I'm gonna split it into two one-way roads.

About to go shower, but I'm thinking I may have to do some major reconstruction and change the way I handle the freeway, burying it to make it contiguous all the way out to HQ (the island), then changing entrance/exit ramps to suit.

I dunno. I split that road between the roundabouts and it cleared up some but... it's still pretty bad.

So... I've expanded Headquarters up the island and... boy is traffic backing up. This is after I split the one bidirectional bridge into two one-way bridges and cleaned up the interchange on both sides (though the mainland side needs a few tweaks). I'm literally going to need an interchange for an entrance to the interchange.

It may also be I'll have to continue the freeway that the bridge is actually part of all the way up the island and have an interchange for each level.

Think I'm going to make an updated set of overview snapshots tomorrow. Maybe try doing a little video packing over the highlights of it.

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