So I wanna update Linux on my system and try using it more often but I can't decide which distro or DE to use. I'm thinking some form of Ubuntu just because so much software assumes it. Maybe Kubuntu, Mint w/Cinnamon, or Lubuntu. Opinions?

@websterleone I recommend Linux Mint. I have had great success with it.

@websterleone MX is the best distro I've ever used but it's based off of . The reason you find "Ubuntu" all over the Internet when looking up Linux is because of marketing. The file system structures for all the distros are pretty much identical. Basically, it all comes down to the package manager. Just know, when the shit hits the fan and everything gets corporate controlled, Debian and will still be Debian and Arch.

@TheOuterLinux Look, I've used Linux for ages now. I could clone a git repo and build apps, sure, but I'm looking to /reduce/ how much time I have to spend fucking around with my OS, hence sticking with one that has large app support so I can just install a package and be done with it. That's why I had been using Windows so much.

@websterleone Who said anything about building programs from source? You do realize Ubuntu is -based? And, there is no "fucking around" with MX . It works incredibly well and even has package management for Flatpaks if that's your thing. I want to believe you have used Linux for ages, but you're making Debian sound like . Like I said, it's marketing; that all. There are just as many programs for non-Ubuntu distros except for ARM. hsttp://

@TheOuterLinux Okay, except for so many programs I use that don't appear in repos. I either use the Ubuntu .deb or install from source.

@websterleone Then just install it in a terminal via "sudo dpkg -i [drag and drop package]" or type the full path. You could also just right-click and open it with GDebi (on MX Linux). It all works the same. Just because someone says "Ubuntu package" doesn't mean it only install on Ubuntu; it will just fine on Debian ones. A .deb --> "Debian." That would have maybe been more true around the 12.04 era because of all the systemd and pulseaudio issues. Like I said, marketing. Look at alien package.

@TheOuterLinux Assuming all the deps are the right version, sure. Look, I was also looking at Debian but you don't need to be so damn condescending about this shit. You're sure not selling MX Linux to me.

@TheOuterLinux Here's what you could have said. "Hi, I use MX Linux. It's based on Debian and XFCE. I like it, it does <x> well." Bam. Done. Nice. But you didn't.

@websterleone I'm not trying to be condescending. The things you are saying make it sound like someone is spreading misinformation or I'm really confused how a seasoned Linux user can be this confused as to how .deb files and package management works. The first thing you do is mention cloning git repos and then you make it sound as though only .deb files on websites work on Ubuntu. I got concerned.

@TheOuterLinux Because there are literally programs out there, that are distributed as only: 1) Source and 2) Ubuntu .debs. That is, they are only tested on some version of Ubuntu, using Ubuntu packages. Shit breaks between systems. Maybe it's better now, but you can't tell me it's guaranteed to work.

@TheOuterLinux Hence why I'm looking at Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Mint. You don't like Ubuntu, fine, but leave your snotty attitude about it out of it when responding to people.

@websterleone Except they are based off of Ubuntu-minimum, so if Canonical sells us out, it won't matter. You will have to find something Debian-based anyway. There is a Debian-based version of Mint. I've also been running MX Linux and AntiX (it's cousin) for a year now and haven't broken anything. I'm tired of being that person holding up the cardboard sign on these sort of things just to end up correct later. I'm trying to shed about 10 yrs of bs off of your Linux experience, but you do you.

@TheOuterLinux Look, I don't give a shit about your fucking "BUT CANONICAL" boogeyman. Seriously. Worst case? I install some other distro. I hop between Windows and Linux all the time with the same suite of software. All you had to do was mention MX Linux and then I might have checked it out, but you tainted your own opinion with your conspiracy bullshit. You accomplished the opposite of what you wanted.

@websterleone Canonical did start partnering with M$ about 5 yrs ago. That's how W10 got Unity. Then later, they helped them with WSL and Azure. M$ bought GitHub and put a founder of GNOME in charge, which is the desktop environment of Ubuntu, to which, GNOME get's an anon $1M donation just b4.

But instead of checking out something you may actually like better, you are going to be an idiot and not out of spite? Yeah, maybe you are better off making mistakes and learning the hard-way. I tried.

@TheOuterLinux You didn't try anything other than being an ass. And "M$"? What is this, Slashdot from a decade or more ago? Yawn. You bore me.

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