Started playing Signal Simulator.

It's one of *those* sim games.

But, TBH? I think something like this with the "just enjoying doing a side gig" feel akin to Firewatch, exploring the surrounding area, putting effort into maintaining the systems, etc would be a fantastic game.

Work with someone to make it more realistic (not visually, environment design wise) and it'd be something I'd really get into. I'm literally like 10 minutes into it right now and just seeing the slog ahead of me and not being super into it.

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Even with the in-game tutorial I'm struggling to figure out the game flow. The fact that it doesn't teach you as you go along other than by tutorial pop-ups does not provide for engaging game-play, and the 70s/modern tech mix is just weird.

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So I played it more. It's a bunch of "gameplay elements to make it not totally easy". But I think it'd be a much better game if what you did in game was more realistic. I again point to Firewatch. There the only really annoying part was navigation. Here, it's everything else.

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Scanning is dumb. Polarization doesn't work like that. Why do you not find the frequency before the polarization? Why can't to see the power level while aligning the antenna? Why is that not *the first thing you do*? Why is calibration a PITA? Why does the cart absolutely suck?

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Why are there no signs showing what the three legs of antennas are?! Oh wait navigation sucks here too. There's no style to it. The interfaces suck.

There's some sort of story, which is definitely the only reason I'd consider playing it any more.

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But I'm still expecting that it's going to be a waste of my time.

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