Had thoughts, searched online, and just discovered this outlet exists and now I have *more* thoughts.

Look what I found sitting in the bottom of a box in a closet for the last seven years.

Cat to censor library source.

Okay as mediocre as their tablets have been for me Huion has a cute mascot.

Think I'll make a simple dinner while I ponder how to safely wrap this piece. I've just always hung it up without a frame.

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Winter gift-giving holidays may be cancelled this year but packing art for a move is kinda like wrapping gifts!

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Ah yes, my boots and shoes finally packed. Well, *most* of them.

Okay I want *this* but with an actual datasheet, not Adafruit's crappy spec page. What are these called and more importantly *where can I find a variety of them* because I can't figure it out.

Was whipping up a design for the major arterial hallways of KDS after discovering Webster would have to walk 2km or more to go from the labs to the atrium to the mess hall. We got onto the discussion of people movers and bike lanes and such and then I was told the halls were 100m wide and gave up for the night.

mh-/+, food 

On the minus side, I feel like shit. On the plus side, I made cookies and they're the thickest cookies I've made yet.

Sure the Steam sale is okay, but this is where where the excitement is:

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