Page #53: And finally, the end! For now. That hyena doctor/mechanic for cyborgs from that space story I posted a bit ago.

Page #52: It's me! Again! Front and back! And getting more pear shaped!

Page #51: It's Bob and Webster! Those are definitely masculine presenting nipples so they're SFW.

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Pรฆgแธ #49: weird pants + otter tiger???

Pรคge #48: WebSynth head-butting the vice admiral that caused her to lose her arms.

Page #47: WebSynth! Being angry!
"Look you fucking overgrown press break, I ain't got time to deal with your petty fucking bullshit."๐Ÿ—จ

Page #43: Liam sleeping, for

Page #42: Free sketch for

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Page #39: Random pregnant dragon girl in a maternity bra. I don't know, adoptable maybe?

Page #38: Free doodle for of Wendy.

Page #35: Random horned girl (adoptable, anyone?) and Webster in a jacket.

WIP from Tuesday I forgot to post. I may work on this more tonight if I'm not distracted.

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