You are flying advanced futuristic aircraft that can zip in and out of an area and you SOMEHOW MANAGE TO CRASH TWO INTO EACH OTHER???

My growth drive is now open! Ever wanted to see Webster be a bit... bigger? Donate now at and choose what happens to her! (Drive options are NSFW, future pictures will likely be NSFW)

Spent way too long mucking around with Honey Valley. I'm now in a 3x1 grid of territory and I wanna get the rail line brought in but I haven't unlocked it yet. I made a couple of bus lines and a lot of ped paths in the mean time. Also added a nature reserve park along the river.

So can you tell whose signed print I used to have in here? :T

Got a kubrow. They're definitely cuter as a pup, but they're still cute as an adult.

Having some fun in Warframe but hit the point where my two main weapons are just completely absurd. The Fang Prime daggers are A+ for melee and I haven't fully leveled them up yet. The Vectis Prime sniping rifle is absurdly powerful, and I just got a mod that makes it silent.



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