I'm planning on working this piece a lot more to be a print, but it's at a good point to show off since I won't be able to finish it fully before Halloween.

Okay, got my embarrassing snack and I'm ready to draw again.

Latest WIP from tonight's stream. Will be continuing for some time on the diner piece once I get back from a short break. n-n

Overflow channel is starting to be used. 4 pumps are /slightly/ too little to keep up with the river flow, 5 are way too much. Additionally, we're getting more expansion in the HQ district, along with trying some new interchange designs to reduce traffic in critical sections.

Slow night, not feeling great, but made some progress on this at least. Hopefully I'll finish it enough to post by Halloween, if not up to print quality by then.

Here's the scanned and cleaned up base of the Nightmare Night picture. Gonna digitally line it and color it now. If I like it well enough when I'm done I may make a print.

"man what drugs do you use when you draw???"

OH YOU KNOW the kind that are so strong they make your tits ache!

Oh gosh I though this was going to be half this size.

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Yeah I don't fucking know. I'll scan it and digitally ink it and try to fix it this weekend.

HOLY SHIT I just built that bus line. Apparently there was pent up demand for bus access to the railway station. Considering putting in a metro loop but I'm not sure on the costs/land usage making it worth it.

Graaaah I'm trying to make a mini version of the stereo system main board and I think it's actually complicating things somewhat. It's not a whole lot cheaper either. $37.50 per board vs. $65 for the large, but throw on a $5 connector and another $40 board to get all 8 slots...

From today's stream. It's slowly getting there. x-x

Opinions? Excuse the quality, it's a photo of light pencil work.

Where's the ability to ๐Ÿค”ZWJ๐Ÿฆ„ when you need it?

Lastly, for today, it turns out the river flow is so low after putting five pumps on it, it literally was draining faster than it could refill. I moved one of them over to the bay area but the river that feeds the bay is so slow I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to start using water towers instead.

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