Hey all please follow me at @websterleone@nyanbinary.club / @websterleone@meemu.org thanks (first is a DNS redirect for the second)

a friend of mine lent us a copy of Spider-Man for the PS4 and Iโ€™d like to say that it should be fucking illegal to put a game onto a disc and then give it a 47-gig โ€œpatchโ€ to download the first time you run it

The Meta 

flaws experienced on masto are not unique to masto its basically a constant pattern of problems every site where users interact w one another run into sooner or later and who remains and how a community lives or dies is really up to how it reacts to these confrontations

signed, ive been online since 1999

This post brought to you by the house Cat5 wiring being shit but the coax being okay I guess??

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(i'm looking on Tripp NYC's website and i'm actually very frustrated that i'm Too Large to fit in their jumpsuits because this kicks ass) trippnyc.com/product/is4730-bl

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So if MoCA can do up to 3Gbps now why aren't there PCIe cards or USB 3.0 adapters that let you get the full bandwidth? Or even just standalone converters with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet connection?

Twitter link, bigotry in Colorado (Safer Boulder leaks) 

CO Friends: might wanna keep an eye out for these assholes, especially since a lot of em seem to be business owners in the Boulder area


The ding dong dash. You know, the ring and run. The bing bong bye-bye.

Had thoughts, searched online, and just discovered this outlet exists and now I have *more* thoughts.

These 8.5x11 prints are VERY limited in stock and will not be seeing a reprint (less then 5 of each design)!

$10 each or 4 for $35!
Includes U.S shipping (ask for international)!

Email NightlineZart@gmai.com w/ what prints you would like if you are interested!


new avatar for spooky season! i decided to keep my username, though, because it basically already fit

โœจPlushโœจ City Admin Notice - Suspending Federation with Mastodon.Social 

The moderation staff of Mastodon.social have broken our Code of Conduct and have refused to take action to remedy this.

โœจPlushโœจ City is a community based around caring and compassion, and the moderators of Mastodon.social have repeatedly provided blatant examples of bigotry and outright trolling of those who reach out to them for help.

We will suspend federation with Mastodon.social tomorrow morning at 10am (US Pacific Time)

hope and politics 1/? 

after last night, i'm seeing a lot of people expressing despair and wondering how to find hope. i've shared some thoughts on that before, but i think they're worth re-upping now. this is what works for me; maybe it will work for you too

for me, hope and action are related the way inspiration and writing are. i think many people have this idea that, as a writer, i must feel Inspired before i sit down and write. and if that were true, i would maybe have written like, five minutes of music and one essay in my entire life. instead, for me, it's almost exactly the reverse: there is something i want to make, and so i sit down and try to make it. i set aside time to do this, regular time, daily time when i can. a time when i'm gonna sit down and try to put some art together. clock in, clock out. and sometimes โ€” not always, but sometimes โ€” sometimes *in the process of doing it*, i find myself becoming inspired after the fact. but the doing comes first. the doing is more important

Image reposted from @ENDDseattle@twitter.com: Clear your docket on Saturday, Seattleites, for another protest against our racist, murderous police force! Recently theyโ€™ve been Baby Butthurt about getting a sliver of their budget taken away from them and have been ignoring ALL other calls in the evening to focus ALL their resources on harassing small groups of peaceful protestors, like the cool and essential taxpayer-funded service that they are. Seattle deserves justice and compassion, not fascist thuggery!

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