"man what drugs do you use when you draw???"

OH YOU KNOW the kind that are so strong they make your tits ache!


I'm not into macro/micro but I follow some people that are and their posts about it are almost always adorable.

A Sybil for @distressedegg

I've not touched these markers since college. I'm surprised they even still flow o:

Oh gosh I though this was going to be half this size.

I got some sun and fresh air today, tried Dungeness crab, having a drink, getting mussels in a few... Some good music. Sweetest servers in any restaurant I've been in. Pretty good day despite dealing with idiocy from work, which is at least paying for my meal. Overall, solid.

So... random tidbit. I used to hang out in the pumper furs Telegram channel (now body enhancement or some other vague term). The really weird worshipping of men with silicone is one of the (several) reasons I left.

Who can I commission to draw their character getting fucked by WL/WB? ๐Ÿค”

Seeing people shout about silicone injections (presumably penis/scrotum, but I don't know the full context) being unattractive, but the truth is there are plenty that find it attractive. I think the fact that they can be very unsafe, especially by amateurs, should be the focus.

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What I mean by this is, make a fursona you cowards
it's FUN

In class supposed to be doing research on stuff but my mind is stuck on how to stat Jackie Chan in Shadowrun because I realised there's an adept power that makes you extremely hard to hit if you don't want any trouble

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ADDITIONALLY: here's a picture of Sybil I painted the other night on our iPad! i'm not someone who usually paints, and that probably shows. but hey look! content! #korps

Been looking up older art I got to keep me happy in the face of possibly being ripped off (and putting off going to sleep...)

Blah. Going to bed an hour early because.. I dunno. Don't feel like starting another drawing, nothing's happening online, and I'll probably have trouble staying asleep again anyway...

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