Just saw this on my bookshelf when putting away my art binders and immediately pictured fisting art by/of Pulsar.

That's it for today. Been a bit distracted by other things, so I'll continue throughout the week.

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Page #19: Little gift for @Momentrabbit and another random Korps dragon lady up for adoption.

Oh my gosh, my hair's looking so nice tonight. A nice shine, and some lighter streaks mixed in.

Page #18: Webster wearing a Bowser crown, and a little sketch I did for @NightlineZ

Page #17: Random Korps dragon girl. Looking for a quick way to be inducted into the Korps? Adopt her! ... Someone please adopt her she deserves it. ;-;

Page #16: A cat-bird-horse hybrid (adoptable, anyone?) and two random pony girls, the left of which is realizing she is both a) maybe into girls and b) maybe really into big stocky girls.

Page #15: Doodles of Webs with a bit of tum and Bob. Just Bob.

Page #14: Pony combat armor. A sort-of continuation of the Luna's grandpa image. I like to imagine she spars, too.

Page #13: A tired Wrecking Ball lying down to sleep.

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Page #12: Webster in a corset with a metal plate, because it's something I had a dream about.

Page #11: Webster with a cord, and some rando in a jacket.

Page #10: Ponies!!! Wrecking Ball eating pizza with probably Dusty, and blocking out of random anthro pony armor.

Page #9: Ponies! Luna's grandfather! And by association, Celestia's, I guess. Literally something that came to me in a dream, that I only wish I could have captured immediately rather than as the memory was fading.

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