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The year is 2026: The US finally enjoys nationalised healthcare and a representative parliamentary system of government thanks to a child's carefully-constructed Make-a-Wish request.

Remember when even videogames considered nuclear war a bad thing?

French toast but instead of bread you use pancakes.

You've all heard of the mythical man month, now join us for mythical monster month!

Lastly, for today, it turns out the river flow is so low after putting five pumps on it, it literally was draining faster than it could refill. I moved one of them over to the bay area but the river that feeds the bay is so slow I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to start using water towers instead.

A couple of overloaded transit stops. I eventually fixed them, though. Also that's the bus that drove through the cop car.

These are the asymmetrical streets I was talking about. Greatly helped with queuing, though I'm still considering changes to the bypass.

So uh, the biotech company has greatly expanded, so... be careful out there.

GMing protip: always aim to have one more than your ideal number of players, that way you'll have one less than your ideal number of players showing up most sessions

Happy belated birthday, @Qaus ! It's Fall, so sweaters are in, which means I had this in mind!

I wanted to draw a sweater, ok. Sorry if I missed any details and I hope you enjoy it!

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SO HEY before I submit any panels for Fur The More does anyone want to be a co-host on one?

Been an RP slut recently. Probably going to get worse being cooped up in a hotel for a while.

Even when it comes to fire safety, they say get on the floor to avoid smoke, but they never really tell you why the smoke is bad. Or don't run a generator inside because of CO poisoning, but rarely talk about /just how it kills you/.

Shower thoughts: we often get told that things are bad for us but not why they're bad. As an example: for cigarettes you're shown the "good lung/bad lung" picture or maybe video. They mention cancer. But they don't mention the coughing, mental fatigue, brain damage...

I really want to go to an infosec/hacking con. I mean, I'm just a dev, I've no professional reason to go, but a lot of really neat people go and they seem like great fun.

I somehow lost four pounds over the past few weeks. But I baked cookies last night so... Not sure that's gonna last.

A fun video about casting aluminum and lead from a 3D printed mock-up/pattern.

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