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Any of you looking for a Linux system admin job in Maryland?

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a fun thing to ask a commissioner: does this character have boobs or not? i can't tell from the ref provided

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To all of my queer and trans peeps: No matter what happens tonight, know that I love you. And that you are valid, no matter what anyone else says. Hugs on offer to anyone who wants one.

(Pic is from the Britt sticker pack @NightlineZ made for me.)

Roleplaying dumb characters in games is great, I love coming out with shit that's connecting all the wrong dots so hard it derails conversations

when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

Had free office cake an hour ago, reheating dinner right now, but STILL just ate a slice of salami as a snack. x-x

I'm downright terrified...
(quick shitty sketch)

So... three day weekend. Anyone want to hang out? I'm considering making cookies again.

Changed my phone's background. Last one was the starship troopers parody and I'm not keen on that whole thing anymore.


With a profit margin of normally 25%+, I've set my margin to this to 2% and lower. Have at it!!

Versions of Webster:
Webster (Base Model)
BigWebs (Rotund)
BiggerWebs (Scaled and Stacked)
WebsTaur (Taur Webs)
GRO+'d Webster
Nuclear Webster

"fuck yeah i'm excited to vote for real positive material changes that go way past obama-era managerial capitalist liberalism oh wait the choice is between someone whose vision of a progressive utopia is 30% more diverse boards of directors in the finance industry and a guy holding a gun to my trans friend's head while wearing a homemade stormfront hat"

Hey remember that advice I just gave on planning ahead and not correcting pen work? Yeah I didn't do that.

That darned tiger again. This time with exposed feets for those folks out there following me. You know who you are. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Old sketch about possible cybernetic enhancements.

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