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Friendly reminder that I have a Patreon! Personal/fan art is not something that I'm normally able to prioritize over commission work. Patreon can help me bring them to life!

Just $1 helps and you get rad sneak peaks and content in full!

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Everyone has an asshole, you don't have to be another one.

tfw there's a full voice group chat to join but the convo's veered into stuff you can't handle rn

I wish modular power supplies had standardized correctors for the cables on the PSU end.

Anyone wanna get sushi in *checks clock* 9 to 11 hours from now?

Turns out you can make a snow flake in a constellation diagram by upsampling an 8-PSK signal then low-passing it.

So uh, working on radio simulation stuff, and somehow I offset an 8PSK constellation. No, not rotationally. Translated across the grid.

... *how*. ๐Ÿ’€

food, tortilla pizza 

I don't care if you do drugs, just like don't do a bong rip on a group voice chat or constantly talk about how high you are. Have some decency.

So Wooflenoot is a Saturday this year, anyone want to celebrate it?

I bought some catfish nuggets on a whim. Anyone got any recommendations on how to cook 'em? Considering breading and pan frying.

Turns out I might need to stop taking melatonin. Supposedly can cause short term depression/make it worse. Would explain why I've had so many depressive episodes late at night.

manual birdsite crosspost, furry art 

look at me im a pro wrestler

more of a punching bag than a proper wrestler but its always entertaining when i get in the ring, at least

First adoptable in my 603 series! This is a series of adopts with a New Hampshire theme! Sunshower is a hybrid of the state amphibian and butterfly!

Email to claim!

Owner will get the unwatermarked file!
Owner also gets 15% off their first commission order featuring this character (orders $50+)

re: manual birdsite crosspost- neat science stuff 

uhh kinda big boobs 

Food mention 

Even though I've never really considered it worth it I kind of wish I went to the fur-b-que just to have hung out with folks for at least a little this weekend. Hate how far away I am from friends.

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