TIL that Tron was written by Alan Kay's wife. That adds so many new dimensions to that movie, and makes 'I fight for the users' even *more* appropriate as a slogan.

"Decentralization is biodiversity of the digital world" - Reasons why you should care about how your social network is run and structured


In other news, Google just decided to ban people from signing in if they have JavaScript disabled in their browser.


Taking it way back! Mod files were the bridge between demo scene and mp3 era RT @dosnostalgic: Impulse Tracker v2.03 (Jeffrey Lim, 1996)

I really love how Siempo is incorporating so many good smartphone lifehacks (like desaturated home screen). One question though, why the dependency on Google Play Services????

Neither .com nor .gov respect privacy

Tweet from EFF (@eff), at Apr 3, 4:54 PM - The DOJ’s Office of Inspector General report supports what EFF has long suspected: the FBI’s public 2016 battle with Apple to access the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone was more about legal precedent than technical feasibility. t.co/orCSG8x20x


"Your regular reminder that you live your own blooper reel and see everyone else's highlight reel." -Cory Doctorow

Plantronics/Polycom deal - interesting tie up

Not sure that I love PWAs, but they sure beat having to keep a little bit of spyware installed on my phone just to get a taxi

Unlike the mainstream platform, the fediverse doesn't nag me to follow @NSAGov constantly

Getting ready for a fun filled week of SDK workshops!

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