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My Patreon is where you can read exclusive fun content like my attempt to participate in writing challenges and exercises, claim a character name in a short story/novel, and fund my podcast. Consider donating or sharing.

Doing a repair for one of my partially sighted customers today, so here's your semi-regular to ask yourself if if your website supports high-contrast mode and do your social media posts and images online have captions? Are your display name and posts screen reader friendly? They're all small straightforward things that can be the difference between being inclusive or exclusive x

No, you don't get to keep your insults if they're ableist. They're not funny. They hurt disabled people. They continue a culture of ableism that has material impact on disabled people.

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Please have a read of my blog post if you have you've got a few minutes, it's about my experience with the app Clubhouse -

: Listen to my Penned podcast interview, as I talk through how I began writing to inmates who are serving life sentences and on death row! Note: There is no transcript for this episode

Enjoy stand-up? Have a read about my experience writing for a Brian Regan Comedy Special on Netflix 📺.

They helped in so many ways. It’s gratifying to know that you are receiving a helping hand rather than just trying to break into a very gatekeepy industry. Give them a listen and donate to the Patreon.

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We'd love to talk about whatever part of publishing is confusing to you, hard to learn about, or simply driving you wild. You can @ us here or email us at printrunpodcast@gmail

And, as always, if you cannot afford our patreon, just email. We'll give you access no questions asked

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