I wish people would put as much energy into making their alternatives accessible to Disabled users as they do letting the whole world know why big tech is evil every minute. Big tech can at least label their buttons. Why isn't accessibility a priority for you, but privacy is?

@weirdwriter Pleroma has a new FE being worked on that is supposed to have a11y as part of the design but I have little experience in this area and can't elaborate

@feld I would love to test! I can't do a lot on it because I've got paid work to do, but I'd still love to test. :)

@weirdwriter I will try to reach out once we have something ready for more user testing.


i'd be happy with just a few more podcasts with attached transcripts.

@Nikolai_Kingsley absolutely agree. Even as a person who is blind, transcripts allow me to quote “podcasts really easily and allow me to do easier research

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