@weirdwriter I need to be able to boost this like thousands of times so that everyone in the fediverse sees this. Everyone! I mean I know this isn't nice or anything but I almost feel contempt for some people who just shove open source in my face and I'm like "no, if it's not productively accessible, I ain't using it!" because few people working on open source stuff care. They're too busy dreaming up some cooell new standard that replaces some other standard cause ma freedom! All that bull crap! Blind Linux users can live in their unproductive command lines if they want, I'm done with the bull crap! Yeah i use the command line where it makes sense. I use NVDA. I use Hugo for my blog and site or whatever. I don't use a CMS because I probably don't need one. I use quite a few open source programs. But that never is the deciding factor because open source, as a whole, doesn't give a crap about accessibility, and none of them devs give a crap about me as a blind person. So why should i give a crap about them and their work? Sure, the folks who make accessible stuff I will support with my hard-earned money. But others who don't care? No!

Long post 

@devinprater Thank you! Buffer will be sharing it later in the week, so boost it then! Share it on Twitter, if you can, also. Sharing helps a lot more than you know! I totally hear you. On everything. Sure would be nice if people would make more accessible software rather than just whine normal people are using closed, big tech, software.

@weirdwriter Thank you for writing this. I'm blind too and the possibility of /never/ having been unable to use an app or service hadn't even occurred to me. People who do have that luxury really should be employing and consulting the likes of us to see what it's like because they'll never appreciate our difficulties otherwise.

Also I looked at your bio and wanted to say I love the phrase "accessibility accelerationist!" I hadn't encountered that before, and it's just the best.

@error_1202 @weirdwriter this made me think that maybe we need open source, free software with alternative interfaces. I want to explore what can be done with something like, say, a text editor, graphing calculator or email/calendar/chat if we don't have to conform to traditional graphical UI. Basically combine something like audiogame interfaces and HUDs for every day apps that isn't dumbed down to "choose menu item from a list". I feel like there could maybe be potential somewhere...

@weirdwriter @Mayana (repeated)
"honestly, I couldn’t care less that non-disabled WordPress fans and WordPress staff are upset by this decision. Let them be pissed for a while. They deserve to have their ego bruised."
Nice. Wow. Very mature.

@Hyolobrika @weirdwriter More or less mature than getting offended because an organization decides that certain people should not be left out just because of their disability, a factor generally beyond their control?
Because, I don't know about you, but that seems far more rude to me.
Are you just tone policing, or is there a point I'm missing here?

@Hyolobrika Mere tone policing, then. Understood. Muting thread.
Because I cannot agree that @weirdwriter is being unreasonable when being just a tiny bit harsher (because come on, that statement really isn't that bad) when dealing with people that think his experience literally doesn't matter. That it's cool that people like him and me can't use certain services, as long as those services are open source.
We can't always be perfectly obedient little cripples. Sorry for the inconvenience! :)

@Mayana @weirdwriter Muting you then, arsehole. Goodbye.
Wasn't expecting you to be obedient btw, but you are probably to stupid to get that.

@Hyolobrika @Mayana I'm not apologizing for my tone. I'd like you to try a thought experiment. Imagine if people just wanted you dead/out of the way for hundreds of years, with continuous dismissals and rejections. Wouldn't your tone change over time? People want you to not exist among them, so what difference will tone make? I hope you can put aside your tone policing to actually listen.

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