imo, DAWs should start new projects with a random tempo, rather than the same one every time, to encourage creativity

Meeting your ex for the first time since the breakup thinking “maybe he’s changed...”

Few things are more annoying than being in Miami by the ocean for three days and having nothing but rain the entire time

Days later I’m still recovering from GoT episode 3. My wife asked what I thought about how it all played out. My response: A man has no comment.

What if magic was like oil, and everyone used it all up ages ago? Witches and wizards were shouting about the need for sustainable magic, but all the Kings were in the pocket of Big Mana and wouldn't listen.

And now here we are, making the same mistakes those wizards did.

Hello Mastodonians! I’m a 33 year old systems engineer based in Alpharetta GA. I’ve worked in IT all my life. Non-work interests: music (guitar and bass player), LoTR, HP, The Sword of Truth series of books, some anime (Naruto/Boruto and Bleach). I blog sometimes. I used to be atheist and am now a Jesus follower. Excelsior 🖖🏾


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