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until berries is back up i think im gonna remove my account redirect fjklfjsdg

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Hey my lovely followers, I've decided to move over to, if you'd like to follow me over i'd love to see you there @ @shinylesbian!

No worries if you don't wanna join me, that's totally chill, seeya on the flip side! πŸ’–

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this is my jess who is my gremlin-child, i love her dearly in spite of this and wouldn't change her for the world ofc

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I will use this social media for good only... such as: being gay and

if u think either of these is fun 2 hear or makes anyone feel good, ur a gremlin

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man 1: ew disgusting, that woman has (undesirable trait/body hair/skin blemishes/etc)
man 2: actually (thing) is very sexy and she is in fact very fuckable.... i would FUCK her

I accidentally followed (the immediately unfollowed) someone from the wrong account twice Why The Hell am I like this?

oh hell yeah, berries is back my lovelies so, im gonna be moving back over to there now!

if you're not already following check me out @shinylesbian because that's where I am πŸ’–

seeya over there sweet peas 🌻

i think its pretty appropriate 2 remind everyone this holiday season that no animal (dog, cat, fish, hamster, insect, bird, whatever) is a gift

please rescue or buy responsibly and ensure if you're buying an animal during this season that you're properly researching it and can afford and provide for it

animals are living beings and rely entirely upon your care πŸ’–πŸŒ» happy holidays

to be clear, my apartment does not actually have a bee infestation. or a dentist infestation. allegedly.

Outside is cold, but the public bus is worm ♨️ :yell:

when two ghosts follow eachother theyr bootuals

drink wine is cultural appropriation. please do not unless you are french (POC)

when two owls follw eachother theyre hootuals

berries dot space?
*takes long drag of breadstick*
havent heard that one in ~24 hrs

y'all who are following me and still interacting w/ me despite my tl just being a constant stream of my dumbass thoughts are so valid ily

i sneezed so hard i accidentally changed tab on chrome, im powerful

this is said w/ love but:

being a dumbass is a prerequisite for being a lesbian, u literally cannot be a lesbian and think about anything logically

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