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I'm now @wersimmon

(I mean, I'm still me, but I'm over there, now)

AaaaaAAAAAaaaahhh is down! *Panics immediately*

I'm now @wersimmon

(I mean, I'm still me, but I'm over there, now)

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nothing feels cooler than combining ur balls with a friend to catch a pokemon. it's almost too bad masto doesn't use "&" for it's username indicators...

This pointless toot brought to you by: Boredom

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Maybe I should make an alt for game screenshots. Here’s a grid system w/ some mechanics @wersimmon thought of in progress

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ableist language discussion 

if you're struggling to remove ableist language from your usage, and really can't think of a replacement?

you might be relying on a core concept which is inherently ableist, and maybe you should think about that concept.

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@wersimmon @djsundog i want my collectors edition Tusky cartridge made of translucent plastic :blobowo:​

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Regarding my Commissions 

That being said, the prices are gonna be the same until the end of the year, and my art might make a mediocre holiday gift for a friend or loved one. πŸ˜›β€‹ If anyone is interested in that kind of a thing. πŸ˜‚β€‹

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Selfies, eye contact, underwear, mild lewd 

Screw feeling shitty, have some cute pics cause it's been 8 months I've been on HRT and I'm hot as fuck?

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kink/sex talk, kinda long 

i hate that sex and especially kink and BDSM are portrayed as sinful debauchery. shit like "indulge in your darkest and most sinful fantasies"

i don't wanna watch a girl doing "sinful" shit, i wanna watch a girl please herself or be pleased. if pleasing herself aligns with my kinks, awesome!

like, nothing is hotter than wholesome kink, like watching a girl stretch her butt because she likes it and has fun doing it, not because it's "sinful debauchery"

i hate this culture of "you enjoy porn and sex like literally everyone? that's sin and debauchery and all of society will hate you, all you have is more sin and debauchery now"

like??? no????? normalize kink, normalize BDSM, normalize sex

you like watching weird porn, cool! a lot of people do! you don't have to be a debaucherous sinner or whatever the fuck
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I feel like a lot of dislike for rap & hip hop has some racist, tone-policey undertones and always makes me sort of uncomfortable. You can have tastes, of course, but... man, it just kinda grosses me out to be indiscriminately against a whole genre of primarily black artists...

misophonia, health, work (-) 

What the hell, people. Our company makes it super easy to work from home or another location. If you even *think* you're getting sick, GTFO of the office!

Your coughs are getting on my nerves and not even headphones are stopping it.

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kiwifarms, short take 

when they drove someone to suicide, one of their admins made a thread which started with something like:
"we are here to have fun, don't let your guilt over someone's death ruin that, just leave your conscience at the door"

and that is all you need to know about kiwifarms

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dog with pillows on 

its a dog with pillows on. what did you expect

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+700 visor helmet concept + examples for canids, hyaenas, felines, deer, and birds 🐺🦌🐦



Smoke rises from numerous twisted and blackened pieces of metal strewn around. Clearly there has been a massive disaster, here.

SCIENTIST: The logs say we hit max V at plus two minutes

SUIT: That looks about right

SCI: Engine 3 flared out, but the rest of the propellant kept dumping

SUIT: Sure, I can see the puddles, we definitely didn't get full combustion

SCI: Best we can figure for now is that the pump pulled free of its mounts

SUIT: Weird flex, but okay

Me, starting another session with a cutie: I wonder how you pluralize jorts? Jortses?

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